Why Every Student Should Get a Chromebook

Here are five reasons why Chromebooks are perfect for students.

  1. You’re Protected Against Theft. One sadly reality of college life is there’s a good chance you’re going to get things stolen.
  2. They Are Easy to Replace. Student life is rough on gadgets.
  3. They Are Lightweight.
  4. You’ll Save Money on Apps.
  5. Multiple Usage Modes.

I’ll never Why Every Student Should Get a Chromebook. It was all so overwhelming, between having a baby, working full-time and completing all the other tasks that made up my daily routine.

Laptops have proven to be invaluable tools in helping me get through it all, especially when it came to balancing work and school matters.

If you are a student and struggling with grades, on a budget, do not have much time to study and would like to increase your productivity time while increasing your GPA then you should definitely consider buying a Chromebook. I’ll explain in this article why.

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What in the world is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are built for good old-fashioned learning and exploring. There is a difference between a laptop and a Chromebook – Chromebooks don’t run Windows or Mac operating systems, they only run the Chrome Operating System.

As one could assume from the name, that means they will run all things Google-related such as Docs, Sheets and Slides. On top of this, they also come with fast boot-up times to get you started faster on what you want to do.

Chromebooks are perfect for school because they’re perfect study tools that don’t distract you with social communication apps or silly games which aren’t related to your work. Keep focused on the Chromebook.

What Makes A Chromebook So Different?

COOKBOOK – For those of you just woken up from comma thank you for coming out to hear about CookBook here are some highlights of what CookBook can do for all members of UnderActiveAcademy Society.

Unlike most regular laptops, Chromebooks cannot be used to install most applications and this means users won’t be able for instance to install antivirus software to protect their device.

  • Here are a Sample of the programs you will be able to get your hands on as a web developer
  • If you want to install applications or use features beyond the ones mentioned above you will need an internet connection.

Well…that doesn’t seem helpful for anyone.

Oh, we are so excited that you would even volunteer to help out with some of our upcoming projects. Thanks for reaching out and thanks for being part of our team. We look forward to working with you.

Do you get it? Yes, it can actually be far more useful than a laptop because

You can’t install most of your favorite and “useful” applications

  • No useless third party software

Seriously Windows programs are the worst! There’s no getting away from their alerts, updates, warnings and reminders.

Not all of them are genuine, either, or even need to be shown at all. You can’t even get rid of them as they’ll just keep coming back! Now imagine how much easier your workday would be if you were able to remove such distractions before you’ve even begun your work?

That’s how Chromebooks operate – so stop roaming and switch to a simplistic life on a Chromebook today.

  • No games of any kind even landmine and pacman

I myself fall victim to this. My productivity can be lacking sometimes when I try to work on my main computer with my most powerful games and instant access to social networking programs like Facebook, Twitter and others because I can simply end up getting distracted way too easily.

  • No Antiviruses or no viruses or malware to deal with

Forget about wasting time trying to uninstall, update and worry about viruses when you browse the internet with a Chromebook. All that takes a load off your mind and leaves you free to focus on work.

More and more people are going with Chromebooks because they are affordable, have long-lasting battery life, have fast boot-up times and do away with unnecessary clutter.

You will be limited to pretty much Web Browsing, Microsoft Office and PDF Files

Do college students or high school students need more than that?

The answer is… most of them don’t.

I am an electrical engineering student and I certainly need tons of software that will help me continue learning how to build, troubleshoot and create in my field.

It’s a big responsibility! These software tools are surely very useful for my present needs as well as anyone else who involves themselves in the engineering field.


we have the computer labs to get things done much more quickly.


It’s essential to reach out to others who will support and help you become product management professional.

Which type of students need a more powerful laptop?

Some students don’t have access to Google Chrome Book technology, so how do they stay in touch with their teachers on a regular basis?

  • Business Students: PayPal is a well-known eCommerce business that has more than $17.9 billion in sales every year and more than 173 million customers worldwide. If a lot of people trust your company, shouldn’t you?
  • Architecture Students: Product managers need to draw and model their designs using 3D Software, powerful laptops, and other valuable devices available to them.
  • A few engineering students: Many engineering students spend their time modeling 3D objects on computer, while others are lucky enough to model them more casually. Not everyone is comfortable working in the labs however and it’s important to note that there are benefits of working at home.
  • Programmers:Need to install lots of different software to program for Google Android devices? Or just other software in general? We know how it is sometimes. But we also want to remind you not to forget about easy Chrome OS based solutions that can save you a lot of time and hassle when programming for your mobile projects.

Chromebooks are an incredibly cheap, yet mighty contraption. There is an extensive amount of people that swear by Chromebooks but there are also just as many people who don’t think they’re worth their cost.

The thing is that most of you won’t need a high-end laptop for a whole bunch of reasons (most of which were mentioned in this article) so the vast majority of you will be fine with these chrome looks

How every student can benefit from a ChromeBook

Final Exams

If all that you need in order to take your final exam is to have a simple laptop or computer on the day of, I suggest that you buy a new Chromebook computer instead. The following are just some of the reasons why it is ideal for taking your exams.

  • Chromebook has the best battery capabilities in the industry. It is incredibly easy to stay powered on without wires or having to look for outlets with the time you’ll save knowing your project is well underway and progressing as it should be.
  • You won’t be distracted by useless programs and this includes: games,antivirus,malware,etc.
  • They are extremely portable. You can just whip them out of your backpack and continue studying on the bus or even as you walk into your final exam room.

Term Papers

A Chromebook is the ultimate device for term papers. You get a Chromebook that has exactly what you need for term papers, such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office 365

  • A word editor to type your paper of course
  • A web browser to research your topic and access any resource with blazing fast speed

And most importantly.

If you have an internet connection, your information will be backed up automatically in the Google Cloud. If there is a power outage or an Internet outage, then you won’t have to worry about losing any of your work.


Somebody just trips over your power cable in the library and ruins all of your work. Frantically, you begin smashing your laptop trying to reboot your computer.

It’s all good, just don’t get a cheap Chromebook and get back to work. Make sure you take good care of your products because they’re the beating heart of everything you do.

Blazing Through TextBooks

You get the point, in order to succeed as a student, you’ll need this Chromebook along with the Google-based classroom platform. Plus, its portability and long battery life will allow you to stay on top of assignments, read at any time or place and complete class with ease.

No iTunes, no games and no media players will ensure you finish studying that 1000 page textbook faster than the speed of sound.

Bottom Line

No matter your degree, what type of student you are, how easy it seems to be and how little related it is to computers and technology – you can always benefit from a Chromebook.

No matter the degree, each student can use a cr by Harley Quinn pdf read text and having a Chromebook on hand is a wonderful help for students who find themselves constantly doing research online.

For freshman college students looking to buy a laptop, we suggest the Apple MacBook Pro. We recommend this item because of its processor speed and the software included with it. It’s even great for students going into their sophomore year or later.

This shouldn’t be your first purchase either. You should also consider another piece of technology in addition to a reliable laptop.

If you already have a laptop, don’t hesitate to buy the Acer Chromebook as I did, because it has the performance of a laptop with the price and ease-of-use of a Chromebook.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I have an important test, term paper or another task that I need to get done very fast, I utilize my chrome book. When you don’t have much time to work with and still have a lot of work to be done it can become frustrating quickly.

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