Which should I buy? Laptop or Desktop?

The Main Difference Between Laptop vs Desktop?

Which should I buy Laptop or Desktop If you’re going to work on something like a computer or laptop, you need to be aware of the amount of time you’re spending in front of it and also be aware that sitting for extended periods of time isn’t good for your body so take proper care while working at your desk.


Laptops come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Most average about 4 to 8 pounds for their weight. However, Ultrabook’s have become more popular recently and have even outperformed regular laptops in some areas including battery life.

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These lightweight computers can weigh less than 1 pound (about 4 times lighter) but are very powerful and ideal for rich media content or high-end or CAD programs that regular laptop may not be able to handle as well.

A typical desktop can weigh as much as 25 pounds – not ideal if you’re trying to be highly mobile with your work.

However, an external storage device allows users to use their files and documents on another computer should you not be at home but need access to your work files and documents from another computer, let’s say your office or school computer.


Laptops in general can be difficult to use due to the fact that they don’t offer a comfortable position for work.

A laptop is less likely to put you in a stable position. When at your desk, it is best to make sure that the monitor and keyboard of your system are at least 17″ apart from each other and directly in line with your eyesight so readjusting your posture isn’t necessary whilst working for extended periods of time.

Desktops are a much more comfortable way to get through your work day with everything at arm’s reach and right at eye level. We’d recommend carrying a stand-up desk to keep you active while you work.

Keyboard & Mouse

The keyboards on laptops, especially notebooks and ultra-books, can make typing uncomfortable as compared to desktops due to their size being shrinked for portability purposes.

Laptops under 15” do not offer a full-size keyboard which may become an issue when trying to be much more productive with software that requires a lot of numerical input.

If you do any kind of photo editing for example, then more than likely it might be best to buy a separate mouse that is wireless.

Laptops are more convenient and portable than desktop computers, as well as require less power. However, laptops with full size keyboards and mice tend to be much more comfortable and productive for work than most laptops on the market today.


Laptops in general can be much more expensive than desktops. Which should I buy? Laptop or Which should I buy Laptop or Desktop The reason being that the technology to fit all the components of a computer into a portable device is not as cheap as with desktop’s components.

Laptops are more likely to have hardware failure than other pieces of technology because of the compact nature of the technology, which means it is much easier to break.


Although there are laptops currently on the market which are known to perform just about any application used by all fields of study, they cost much more than regular desktops and even older ones are pretty expensive.

With less space available to fit in components during manufacturing, a laptop is at much greater risk for damage from heat and thus reduced reliability as well.

For some big-time applications, even the most expensive laptops today won’t come close to what your desktop can offer. For instance:  In instances when you need to do intensive numerical analysis, engineering design, computer servers and when it comes down to video editing.


Laptops do not limit the speed of their internet connection, but desktops can’t be easily moved around.

Wi-Fi technology is a major game changer for all things computer-related, especially with both laptops and desktops. Today’s Wi-Fi can make all of your devices so much more portable.

Both laptops and desktops can offer the same type of ports for external connections, but in different numbers. Which should I buy Laptop or Desktop While a laptop usually only has two to three such ports, a desktop can actually have as many as ten or more for connecting external devices.


Laptops are specially designed to work with much more elaborate components than desktop computers are. Upgrading and customizing your laptop is more complicated and often not an option, while desktop computers were created to be easily customized because of the simpler parts they come equipped with.

A desktop computer has more space to add storage and upgrade your components, whether you’re looking for extra USB ports or a better graphics card that can deliver amazing frame rates for your VR headset.


Laptops will generate significantly more heat than desktops because of their limited space for components. Within time, this will cause many problems for your laptop as the excess heat will start to affect the other parts.

Laptops are very vulnerable to damage, Which should I buy? Laptop or Desktop because they’re portable.

Desktops are larger in space; therefore, they have more ventilation. Ensuring that your computer works at peak performance and lasts long.

The life of a desktop is far harder than that of a laptop. If a laptop has failed or is on the way out, chances are its life can be prolonged by replacing its dead components, while desktop users have much to fear if they have to go down this route.

A laptop’s replacement process is always going to be more manageable and less costly than one for a desktop because the latter requires much more complex procedures that are often beyond the sole resources available to an average user.

Desktop computers are generally easier to fix after a component fails than laptop computers. You can usually get the motherboard replaced for much less, Which should I buy? Laptop or Desktop making it much cheaper to get repaired on a desktop computer and in many cases repairable themselves.

So you’ll be back on your feet faster unless it’s the motherboard itself that’s broken, which unfortunately is the case on laptops where most parts aren’t replaceable and often need to be replaced entirely.

If your laptop malfunctions, Which should I buy Laptop or Desktop fixing anything else is not always possible, which means that replacing any other components would probably just lead to more problems down the line.

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