Which Laptop Is Best HP Or Dell In 2022

The Main Difference Between Dell and HP

HP laptops are thought to be among the best available, and their entire line of products is awesome. Their architectures are extremely advanced and they offer great performance and excellent battery drives– some even come with a dual-core processor! That being said, Dell stands out as the laptop company to beat in terms of performance.

They have a wide range of advanced systems and have been consistently producing great products for years. What’s more, Dell currently holds the highest ratings in customer satisfaction, beating other major manufacturers by quite a bit.

If you’re in the market to buy a new laptop, chances are you’ve been weighing your options between our two most popular brands – HP or Dell?

While both are very reliable brands and are built to last, there are many factors that go into deciding which one is right for you.

A great way for us at Computer Land Philadelphia to help you make up your mind is by going over all of the most important facts about each of these products and allowing you to see which one shines brighter based on your unique needs.

Which Laptop Is The Best HP Or Dell

Laptops are a modern-day necessity in both work and school environments. Here in this article, dell vs hp laptops we will discuss both Dell and HP as laptop brands, their features as well as which is the best choice among Dell or HP to our customers.

Introduction of Dell

As one of the forerunners in the technology sector, Dell is a powerful brand that has prioritized providing top-notch employee benefits and opportunities.

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric called Michael Dell the world’s greatest corporate leader.

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After joining forces with Silver Lake and MSD Capital, Michael Dell was able to shake things up at his company, streamlining infrastructure and enabling strategic expansions into new markets like cloud computing, mobile computing, and software solutions.

Before assuming his position as CEO he worked in various positions for about 16 years such as sales representatives or marketing managers for example.

Introduction of HP

HP is a common name for the Hewlett Packard Company. hp vs dell laptops Consumers know HP for its printers, computers, and data storage and networking products. However, HP also offers solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The company was founded in 1939 when Bill Hewlett and David Packard began selling audio oscillators. HP also provides printing devices to retail customers like office supply stores or other retailers of consumer electronics.


When it comes to CPU (or processor) performance, the 7730 outperforms all other Dell laptops. Furthermore, compared to other brands of laptops the XPS 13 series when equipped with Intel Core i7 is unparalleled in regards to speed.

Oftentimes people refer to CPUs or processors as “chips” due to their name being related to their physical size.

The software that runs on these chips performs a variety of functions including improving efficiency and ensuring lag-free operation of your device due to instantaneous processing power.

You’ve got an AMD Ryzen™ or Intel Core i7 central processing unit within your system and whichever one you choose will have a significant impact on how well your system is able to operate.


In 2021, HP will be defining itself with its Elite Dragonfly and HP x360 Spectre series of laptops. The shapes or styles can be similar.

There are a few exceptions where design is concerned, so this makes it easier for you to differentiate them from the other models because of their unique designs which include ultra-lightweight laptops built from magnesium alloys, with thick and thin bezels and a display with a mix of blue LEDs and touch displays.

The Dell XPS laptops are impressive in that they can do pretty much everything, changing shapes and configurations depending on how you want to use them.

You’re sure to find something that suits your needs with their well-stocked lineup as each model brings a little something different to the table. versus hp With options like 13-inch and 15-inch screens, touchscreens, Windows Ink support, and 3D cameras, it would take Google a couple of years just to develop more than 20 of these products.

The XPS line is designed for both performance and portability so regardless of which size you choose, expect quality results from this versatile laptop line.

The latest Dell notebooks still feature an improved design. You can choose beautiful laptops with beautiful colors at the company.

You will enjoy it if you’re into standing out from the crowd! In addition, Dell’s gaming laptops are no exception; they also feature a sleek new design with fancy logos etched on their backlit keyboards.

They come in a range of attractive designs and are limited in select markets to ensure cult-like status among gamers.

In addition to its bestselling XPS line of laptops, Dell’s gaming laptop offerings have been well recognized by the industry as a whole.

The company makes laptops for both consumers and businesses. laptop hp dell, For example, Dell’s popular Alienware line offers durability and performance alongside exotic aesthetics like light-up keyboards and premium materials such as soft-touch paint jobs without sacrificing everyday usability.

The Build Quality & Hardware

In addition to a quad-core processor and at least 8GB of RAM, new Dell laptops come with 8GB of RAM. Their performance is generally pretty strong across the board.

Intel Core i7 processors seem to be the default processor in Dell laptops rather than Core i5 processors. HP laptop i5 processors come as a standard feature, and the MacBook Air from Apple has an i3 processor upgrade that launched this year.

This is another area where only the best components are used. Your Dell laptop is probably going to come with a top-of-the-line processor, but might not have one.

In addition to Dell, dell or hp Alienware also provides laptops that are well-known for having a high-quality build and reputable name in the business.

Alienware laptops will probably be your most cost-effective option, but you should take into account that they are the highest-end gaming computers when looking at price vs value.


Budget laptops and high-end laptops are made using different components of the course. You’ll find that the cheaper HP models use Intel HD graphics processors and almost always NVIDIA GPUs as well alongside AMD’s or Intel’s latest generation processors for ‘top of the range’ gaming laptops.

As you might guess, HP makes use of both AMD and Intel componentry, but whichever parts they pick to implement look set to show off an awesome performance that should put a grin on anybody’s face.

Laptops have various screen sizes measured in inches. The batteries last between 13 to 17+ hours.

They cost more with a higher resolution rating which is the pixels per inch. HP laptops are both affordable and long-lasting. They can be used for 12 hours on a single charge according to HP recommendations.


Dell laptops have always been some of the best-performing laptops on the market and they’re likely to continue that trend.

While their customer satisfaction level isn’t as high as it should be, Dell remains a top choice for those looking for great performance on a budget laptop.

The reason that Dell performs so well is that many of their notebooks are equipped with faster processors and more RAM than some of their cheaper rivals, making them ideal for users who need a high-end device without breaking the bank.

Alienware and Dell’s other high-end models come with a lot of features that most laptops don’t have. These laptops are incredibly powerful.

They offer amazing processors, graphics cards, and RAM like what is included in the new Inspiron 7000 series.

The speed of the SSD drive also plays a big role in how much performance you get from this laptop because it comes with 512 GB RAID 0 onboard which allows for lightning speeds when compared to SSDs in other laptops.

Just know that there are many other brands offering comparable or even better laptops for cheaper than some of these Dell models might be.


If you’re looking for a solid laptop that’s going to last, look no further than Dell! No matter how tough things may get, you can rest assured that your trusty companion will always be there for you.

Think of this highly reputable brand as the steadfast mount for your all-important work, research, and travel.

So if durability and longevity are key buying factors for you in your next gadget, count on the world leader when it comes to the best technology at affordable prices ideal for everyday life.


Dell recently announced that their company will be releasing a new line of laptops called the “XPS”, which is going to have the first-ever borderless 15″ display.

We have all seen similar laptops before, but this one definitely has the highest quality display on today’s market. It also comes with a 7th-generation quad-core i7 CPU and has been designed with a 360-degree hinge for flexible use.

This innovative laptop will definitely revolutionize the market for business computers and portable PCs.

Dell is a powerhouse of technological innovation. One of their most popular products is not only an ingenious concept but also a beautiful example of cutting-edge design: the Dell XPS series, which features to expand the market itself such as the Dell XPS 13 model.

Additionally, Dell provides customers with a wide range of customizable options. The customized Control Center is one-of-a-kind and in addition to the control center’s many standard features, it also offers optional components such as face recognition software.

Dell XPS series laptops are known for their superior sound quality and display. They are equipped with professional-grade processors to help you get creative at the studio or on stage.

Now, Dell has upgraded its notebooks with faster hardware that delivers smooth video rendering and vivid imaging for a cinematic experience.

What’s more, Dell is bringing cinema-like experiences to your laptop with their Dell Cinema experience. Furthermore, the company has developed impressive innovations to deliver better user experiences and performance across a range of innovative devices, as you’ll find out. For example, take a look at their product line-up today.

Customer Support

The customer service at Dell is better than it is at HP, but there’s still room for improvement.

The solution was simple, but it might have been helpful if we didn’t have to wait so long to receive a response from a human on social media.

It would have been great if more accurate instructions could have been provided on my laptop’s volume controls because it took forever to get the bass just right and the speaker setup wasn’t that impressive in the first place.

Your last resort should be phone support. It takes longer to get through than you would like, but it’s still the best option out there.

If you don’t feel like waiting on hold, or having to speak with someone on the phone, try Dell’s community page – they’ll have answers for whatever problems you encounter there.

It can be hard to get the full attention of Dell’s customer service representatives, as it is with most large brand support centers.

This makes backing up your files very important because what we all know is that sometimes things may go wrong. Don’t worry if this happens. A technician will be on hand to help out and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.

Dell offers a warranty on all of its products so there is no issue returning a product if it should be defective.

You also have the ability to connect remotely if you can’t fix something on your own and a technician will contact you to help walk you through the device troubleshooting steps.

If further assistance is needed, Dell has technicians in their repair centers nearest to you that are well-versed in repairing devices such as yours.

If your product still cannot be repaired, Dell will replace it for free under this program. Customers love getting free products from Dell because of it’s reputation of quality customer service.


HP’s products are usually less expensive than the competition as there are a number of hidden costs not associated with competing brands.

You can only buy an HP laptop from a specialist retailer, and purchasing from the company’s website is rarely possible. Similarly, HP makes its products cheaper by ensuring that there are limited components and materials used in their manufacturing process.

At Dell, you can get computers of varying prices and capabilities – starting at very affordable but still powerful machines to high-end laptops for gaming.

Prices are comparable with other manufacturers’ machines, but Dell also has cheaper deals here and there as well as special offers from time to time.

The online chat can help you find great deals too, so use that to get additional discounts on your laptop purchase.

To avoid scams and frauds, try purchasing only from verified online seller sites such as Amazon, eBay, or Apple store.

Laptops from this company can perform well even at their lowest price point. As a result, an investment such as this is even more valuable.

In addition, Dell is one of the companies that allows its customers to customize the configuration of their laptops. A variety of operating systems and keyboards can be chosen.

This adds to your user experience, but it does come with a small premium that you might not always want to pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which laptops are better Dell or HP?

If you’re looking to purchase a laptop, then Dell has five computers that are compatible with Linux. These laptops also come with a variety of different special features, such as touchscreens.

If you’re interested in purchasing a laptop for your business – and are torn between buying a Windows or Linux computer – perhaps keep in mind that Dell has customers on major social networks like Facebook and Twitter who answer questions about their products.

Is Dell better or HP better?

There are budget and high-end options for each category. CNET.com wanted to list the best of both worlds, so it included two HP laptops that are listed as “great gaming laptops” but they also featured lower-priced options, including some from Dell, which is why they made this list.

Why is Dell so popular?

There was a widespread belief that Dell’s direct business model was the key. Dell sold computer systems directly to their customers instead of partnering with resellers, retailers, and distributors to do so because at that time computers were still expensive and demanded high margins.


In our opinion, the Spectre is a striking model but it’s hard to not feel HP is slightly over-charging consumers who are buying their new generation of laptops.

Some people find that even while they do offer you more affordable options compared to what you get if you were to go with a Dell, HP’s models still tend to be quite expensive and they don’t always give you all the features that other brands do.

These two companies both manufacture laptops, but they have different methods when it comes to customer service.

HP relies on virtual assistants to help people when they call in with a problem and people can expect to wait around 30 minutes on hold prior to speaking with a live person.

Dell uses social media pages that are monitored by real people 24 hours a day. If you’re looking for answers, go here first.

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