What to do if you get your Tablet or iPad wet? – Two best methodes

Did you get your iPad wet? Sometimes accidentally your iPad or tablet got wet. It causes your iPad damage because the iPad has electronic circuits and water can damage circuits. Most people use tablets for animation. Sometimes they damage their tablets because of water. Now the question is What to do if you get your Tablet or iPad wet? you can read this guide to restore your iPad.

The original iPad has two water damage indicators located on the device. At the time of the iPad launch, Apple referred to them as liquid submersion indicators.” Apple has now given them the new name of liquid contact indicators or LCI. The first LCI is located in the audio jack port and can be activated if your iPad gets accidentally wet. Unlike the iPhone and iPod, it is installed much deeper so you will need a flashlight or light-enabled magnifying glass to view it. The second indicator is located inside the dock connector on the opposite side of the pins.

The iPad 2 model and all later iPad models have no water damage indicators on the device. The easiest way to check for water damage on these later iPad models is to look for corrosion in the SIM card tray. What to do if you get your Tablet or iPad wet?

Use Towel or Sunlight

  • Immediately turn off your iPad or iPhone.
  • Remove SIM cards
  • You need to dry your phone asap. So, you can dry outside by using a towel or put it in Sunlight (in Low sunlight) for 24 hours.

Use unCooked Rice or Silica Gel

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  • You can also put your phone in a bag of dry rice for 48 hours. Dry rice can suck all moisture from your phone.
  • You can also use silica gel packets to remove moisture

Restore Your Phone

  • After completely dry, you can turn on your phone and connect with the computer by using iTunes to restore your iPad.

You can also read my guide to reset your Tablet or iPad to get your device reset or restore.

How to reset an iPad?

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