What Kind of Screen Should I Get for My New 144hz Gaming Laptop?

Laptops are great tools for working online, but many don’t support high refresh rate screens. This means that you won’t be able to enjoy smooth animations or video games at 144Hz.

If you want to play PC games at maximum frame rates, then you should look into a 144Hz monitor. These monitors are capable of displaying frames at a much higher frequency than standard 60 Hz screens.

The benefits include smoother gameplay with lower latency, improved response times, and improved viewing angles.

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If you want to see your games played out in the clearest and most vivid detail possible, then there’s no substitute for a high refresh rate beast of a monitor.

But if you aren’t so involved in competitive gaming, it’ll also be good for watching all those high-resolution movies sitting on your PC as well.

You may want to upgrade from a 60Hz screen to a 144Hz one for a number of reasons. What kind of screen should I get for my new 144hz gaming laptop For starters, it allows you to play PC games at higher frame rates.

Also, they make browsing the web much more enjoyable when watching video or just reading online content. Additionally, they improve the quality of photos and movies as well.

If you play games like Killzone, Rainbow Siege or Ghost Recon often or occasionally, a 144Hz monitor is perfect for you. It offers fluid motion to deliver top-quality games. You can get immersed in the scenes and paint a better picture.

However, if you rarely play games or not at all then it’s probably wiser to purchase a lower refresh rate monitor.

They cost less overall and they’ll give you consistent performance regardless of what kind of game you’re playing.

The main advantage of a 144Hz display over a 120Hz one is that the higher refresh rate will generally make games look better to the naked eye because it prevents stuttering and tearing that gaming graphics cards are known to experience when they can’t send enough frames to your monitor.

The result is smoother gameplay and less motion sickness caused when playing fast-paced games such as first-person shooters.

However, this also comes with some disadvantages. First of all, due to the higher frame rates, your eyes will have to move much faster than normal in order to keep up with the action, which can tire them out more quickly.

Being able to see everything better is a big advantage of lower frame rate movies and videos. This may be an issue if you don’t want too much detail being shown so it depends on what you prefer.

If you don’t give a hoot about all of these issues, then maybe a 144Hz display is worth considering. It’ll give you better performance when enjoying certain kinds of video games.

To learn more about why 144Hz was selected for this display, please check out our article here.

You may find that having a 144 Hz display is a seamless addition to your laptop experience, but be warned that it may be hard to find laptops that support a lower refresh rate like 120Hz.

You must take into account not just what type of games you plan to play, What kind of screen should I get for my new 144hz gaming laptop but how long you plan to play as well. Some games simply won’t work well with a 144 Hz display.

For example, games where one must aim accurately (such as shooting games) are usually designed to run at lower speeds and may cause motion sickness or head fatigue over prolonged sessions.

Additionally, there are some games that do require more processing power and might not run well at high frame rates. It’s because those games are very graphic intensive, demanding a lot from the hardware especially from an integrated GPU.

When you know what games, you plan to play, deciding between 144Hz panels and 60Hz will be a lot easier.

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