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Fans of the bizarre “Danganronpa” franchise should be ecstatic. Kazutaka Kodaka, the franchise’s inventor, is introducing his latest creation, a new franchise called “Tribe Nine.” “Tribe Nine,” set in the futuristic metropolis of Neo Too Kyo, follows newly created tribes of humanity as they play a type of violent, technologically advanced baseball following a cataclysmic event.

“Tribe Nine,” like “Danganronpa,” will be released in multiple formats. In addition to the planned smartphone RPG developed by Too Kyo Games and the impending webtoon, the franchise is also getting an anime. The “Tribe Nine” anime, created by Liden Films and distributed internationally by Funimation, will be the first taste of this developing brand for future fans. Here’s all we know about the new anime, including the release date, cast, and plot. Y2mate Funimation Downloader is also recommended in this article for you to enjoy the anime in a better way.

Basic Information about Tribe Nine



Young people all around Neo-Tokyo established tribes to find their place in the world after becoming dissatisfied with society. However, among them, group loyalty was ferocious and frequently resulted in violence. The government responded by enacting the XB Law, which states that the tribe conflict will be handled through Extreme Baseball. Extreme Baseball is a futuristic version of the sport with updated regulations, fewer limitations, and odd technological uses, from players utilizing extended bats to pitchers wearing special equipment.

When Haru Shirokane is bullied by a group of kids, he is saved by an unlikely pair: Shun Kamiya and Taiga. Shun, it turns out, is a star Extreme Baseball player who leads the Minato Tribe, Minato City’s top-ranked club. Meanwhile, Taiga is attempting to defeat Shun in order to become the sport’s strongest competitor. Taiga and Haru are persuaded to join the Minato Tribe when a series of unexpected occurrences allow Shun to realize his full potential.

As the tribes of Minato City face a new challenge commanded by the enigmatic Oujirou Otori, the Minato Tribe may only need the strength of their two new rookies to defeat evil.

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Cast and Characters

Shun Kamiya, the protagonist, is by far the most important of the Tribe Nine characters. Shun is both the tribe’s founder and one of its most powerful members. Actor Akira Ishida provides his voice. Haru Shirogane (Shun Horie), Taiga (Chiharu Sawashiro), Saori Arisugawa (Mai Fuchigami), Santar Mita (Mutsumi Tamura), Manami Daimon (Fukushi Ochiai), and Kazuki Aoyama (Shya Chiba) are among the Minato Tribe’s other members.

Jir tori, Tenshin tori, and Yu Kamiki are members of the gang’s opposing tribe, the Chiyoda Tribe. Junichi Suwabe, Hiroshi Naka, and Mikako Komatsu play them, respectively. 

Release Date

Release Date

The “Tribe Nine” anime will premiere on Funimation’s streaming service from January to March 2022, according to Funimation and the series’ latest trailer. 

Streaming Service

There are only two streaming platforms on which Tribe Nine is available: Funimation and Amazon Prime Video. The difference is that you can watch it on Funimation for free with dub and sub, but you need to pay $1.99 for each episode of the original Japanese version of Tribe Nine.

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Final Thoughts

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