Toptal Alternatives – The Ultimate Guide To Hiring The Right Remote Developers

Since COVID, the world went offline and people lost interest in traditional methods. It was no longer necessary to be bound by an office desk or the work dynamics of the past. Along with this change came positive consequences, one of which was a larger pool of talent available for recruitment remotely. You no longer had to commute to work, instead, you could simply work from home. However, finding trustworthy team members can be difficult when hiring experienced talent. 

Among the many platforms available to recruit the best talent, Toptal is the undisputed champion. You’ve probably heard of it. However, there are numerous Toptal alternatives that are equally as good but do not have the same level of recognition, nor do they cost anywhere close to Toptal’s rates.

We are going to help you discover the best Toptal alternatives to hire your remote developers based on your requirements.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr could be considered the OG of order-based freelancing. On Fiverr, the freelancer publishes their prices for specific orders and allows others to bid on the services they provide. This works in both directions. For example, employers may post gigs and freelancers bid to capture the attention of these employers, with the best offer winning the job. Fiverr ensures that it is a safe bet. Everything on Fiverr is project-based!

  • CloudDevs

CloudDevs is a top-tier tech talent platform offering pre-vetted freelance developers and designers for hire and is the best Toptal alternative for vetted, senior talent. With a talent pool of over 8000 elite senior developers and designers from Europe and Latin America, CloudDevs is the perfect platform to recruit the best remote talent. It ensures that its highly vetted senior talent is matched to the client’s needs within 24 hours. With the entire business conducted remotely, CloudDevs is able to keep its overheads low and deliver the best possible pricing to its clients at a flat hourly rate. Furthermore, they offer a 7-day trial period where you can test out your talent and ask for a replacement if you’re not 100% satisfied at no extra charge.

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  • is one of Toptal’s main competitors and is the software engineering company providing vetted software engineers to all other companies. They’re easy to contact and the remaining steps are also simple. You can simply contact them and explain what type of software engineer you require and will ensure that you have the best candidate. If the engineer hired doesn’t meet your requirements, you will not be charged and another suitable developer will be substituted.

  • Andela

Andela is a crowdsourcing site catering to African developers. Their rigorous verification process makes sure that they offer top-level candidates.  Andela is a great Toptal alternative that strives to maintain quality while catering to over 110 countries and you can assemble the team of your dreams regardless of its size. It is the ideal platform for locating talent to work on small-time projects.

  • Gigster

Gigster uses AI to help you find the best tech team for your project. You can assemble your team in 3-14 days using its pool of top-quality developers and project managers. Gigster, on the other hand, only accepts projects that cost more than a specific amount, unlike the other Toptal Alternatives mentioned here. Once the software is built, you have complete ownership and licensing rights to it and you can seek expert advice from anyone in the network.


All of these platforms may offer a comparable or entirely different experience to Toptal. It all depends on your requirements and budget. Therefore, you must first align your expectations for your team and then choose a Toptal alternative that facilitates your needs. 

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