Top 10 Most Useful Engineering Software You Must Learn

If you are interested in engineering or if you’re an incoming freshman, be that a computer science student or otherwise, read on to learn which software is helpful to know as a prospective engineer.

Having a grasp of these programs will help you succeed not only in your education but also when it’s time to enter the work force.


There are many pieces of software that most engineering students have to pick up the basics once they start their degree such as software for calculating Fourier series, analyzing electrical and mechanical components or even just writing computer code.

One of the more popular ones is a programming language called MATLAB which is used to help engineers and scientists solve complex problems involving:

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All industries do not use MATLAB so it can be argued that people who are experienced with this software are not needed, but most will agree that there is no single tool that controls every company and the entire engineering industry. Many companies use MATLAB and Simulink for their analyses and simulations even in the aerospace industry.

Don’t just take my word for it, ask any engineer and they’ll tell you that this is something you have to learn.


Using C++, you can write real programming language software that doesn’t have to be bought for a commercial product.

It’s old school but extremely useful and widely used among engineering programs in their introductory courses. Often it is a must to learn for electrical engineers, but depending on your concentration, your language can vary.

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Before we get into the meat of how you can prepare for your studies and future job, let’s take a look at what programming languages you need to learn in order to be employable at companies like Google or Microsoft.

Here are some of the key skills you should aim to master before graduating: Java, Python, C++, and MATLAB. Regardless of whether or not you’re taking Computer Science classes or studying another subject entirely such as mechanical or electrical engineering, there will be a strong demand for these 4 skills.

By the way, if you haven’t already started learning programming yet I highly recommend getting familiar with some basics during your time at school – it may help make a big difference when taking on larger projects later on down the track.

Sure, you can probably just use MATLAB for all of your classes and projects, but C/C++ will better prepare you to deal with everything else, like other languages that might come up in advanced courses or when working professionally.

Everything is being simulated these days to reduce cost and increase productivity, and this holds true whatever field you’re in. The more coding and programming languages you learn, the more advantage you’ll have over your colleagues who may not be as well-informed.

I recommend my beginner-friendly product Bootstrap. Bootstrap is an old technology with stricter syntax that will teach you good programming habits and most other programs have based their syntax on it. After that, you’ll be able to pick up almost any other language much faster due to their similarities.

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If you’re a freshman, we know that many students are starting to learn Microsoft Excel. Many people in the world today understand the power and flexibility of this software package for effective financial analysis.

Some tools include “macros” which can be used to carry out tasks automatically; “formulas” which allow users to create complex models based around specific factors in order to produce valid output; and “functions” which can be used by non-programmers as well as developers alike.

Excel is used in many different industries and positions. You should learn how to use it because you will be needing this skill somewhere along your career, especially if you are an engineer.


The easiest way to make sure you include any complicated formula or symbol for your reports is by using this tool help. Top 10 Most Useful Engineering Software Also, it includes some simple graphics, bibliographies, templates and more.

In a nutshell, if you want anything you write or present to stand out from the rest and look pretty, master it. Understand everything about what you’re trying to create. You’ll probably get more credit for that nice looking report, rather than your friends! Employers might also love to see neatly done resumes too.

Wolf phram Alpha

Wolfram is something you don’t need to put a lot of work or effort into understanding. It’s a handy tool that will simplify the solving of complex problems and issues by assisting with calculating simply everything from basic differential equations, integrals, tables, charts and numerical solutions.

If you’re not convinced yet then read just how easy it is to deal with complicated mathematical solutions – all while saving time compared to having to do them yourself (unless you are in fact a math wizard).

Wolfram could be your go-to crutch when you’re drawing a blank during an exam, but take caution as they can also make deeper understanding of the material seem unnecessary. Use it to add more depth to your own knowledge but don’t let it become the only tool you rely on.


Like the sort of service Dropbox offers and how it keeps your files safe from any accidents that may occur with your physical storage devices. Top 10 Most Useful Engineering Software But you also have access to your files regardless of where you are with the internet.

It can be useful when dealing with group projects that anyone in your group can go ahead and edit a file if they have access, just be sure to have another copy of the files you wish to share. Otherwise, someone in your group could accidentally delete them.

CAD: Computer Aided Design Software

Lastly, but certainly not least, is a well-known CAD software for manufacturing industry. A great Computer Assisted Design application (or simply CAD) makes it easy to import and export different models of your product and generate an effective 3D model.

It’s crucial that you get one in the market today because each and every component manufactured needs to be designed first so it is arguably the most essential tool for any industry.

As a product manager, you should know at least one business software that helps you develop products: Yes, there are different types of engineers and each type knows at least one or more than one.

One would hope that all engineers are on the same level but unfortunately, Top 10 Most Useful Engineering Software it’s not the case. Again: The better your tools, the better work you will deliver.

On top of all the other skills one needs to get their dream job there are also industry-specific skills that all designers need to be familiar with just so they can correctly do their jobs.

Even if a designer is not currently engaged in web design, for instance, you should be passionate about being up-to-date on what’s trending and familiarize yourself with the language used to describe concepts and design.

While not necessarily parts of a designer’s job description as often, sometimes it helps them points when applying for jobs or trying to prove themselves if they are already working at a big company like Google or Facebook.

My advice is to begin with AutoCAD since it’s one of the most basic CAD software’s. After that, it’ll be a lot easier to learn other options.

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