Mac vs PC for College

The main difference between Mac vs PC for College , looking to buy a laptop but you can’t decide between Mac or PC? You’ve already read tons of reviews and opinions about this, and still don’t have a clear answer. We’ll try to settle the issue once and for all using these two laptops: MacBook vs Dell XPS 13


If you put together these two machines with similar specs, a MacBook will outperform a Windows laptop, but the windows laptop may be much cheaper. Why? Apple optimizes both its software and hardware to make sure there are no compatibility issues between them.

On a PC, a variety of companies have had input into the development of various components including processors (CPU), graphics cards, motherboards and memory.

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Therefore, it is not uncommon to find incompatibilities with those devices when trying to compare them with a Mac.

Windows provides a lot of options when it comes to laptops. You can choose from extremely powerful professional grade laptops that an Apple computer can’t even get close to, and Mac computers don’t offer this level of performance yet.

If you’re a student who needs an ultra-high-performance laptop, Windows is your friend because you’ll be able to get more bang for your buck in terms of laptop quality. Whatever the type of performance you need and want, there’s a Windows laptop out there that has what you need.

MacBook’s have limitations when it comes to the performance related parts of your laptop. However, you can still enjoy using this device if you make a few minor changes to it.

Many students find themselves struggling to decide on which laptop they should buy. Many want something light in weight but with a lot of power behind it, not realizing that this is impossible to achieve without sacrificing either the computer’s weight or cost.

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We feel that it can be beneficial for you to know that Apple makes a great product for both students and those who need a laptop for business (the MacBook Pro).

By better yet, we mean it’s much better to use campus facilities rather than your own for the instances where much more powerful machines or graphics cards are necessary.

  • They have all the software licenses you need so you won’t have to pay for them
  • You will be you more focused on your task
  • Your TA is waiting for you to finish all of that workload for you.
  • They are far more powerful than any windows or mac laptop you can afford for 2000 bucks.

However, the ability to have multiple choices for performance is a huge bonus. Windows has an infinite variety of laptops with different levels of performance available to any type of student.

For the most part, Windows is a better idea when you’re making technology decisions. Mac OS X may be more user-friendly, but Windows is much easier to customize if you need something extra with regard to functionality or performance.

Battery Life

As a student, the last thing you want during final exams week is to waste time looking for an outlet in the library or even around campus for that matter. You’ll be tripping over other people’s cables trying to secure one. A laptop with a long battery life is essential as a student.

Some of the laptops have a very long battery life. Well, there are many laptops with a long battery life. I know that laptop battery generally gets damaged because of over-usage. For example, when you use it while charging, or while it’s getting charged.

So, if you want to avoid damaging your laptop’s battery, do not use your laptop while using the power supply.

Apple has built a solid reputation for developing power-efficient machines, making them at the top of the list when it comes to longest lasting batteries.

While one popular choice among a wide range of Apple products is the MacBook Air and its impressive 13 hours of battery wait, some people may be more suited towards picking up a MacBook Pro with 10 hours of battery life.


The fact that every component in Apple’s MacBook models is designed to seamlessly work with one another saves a lot of energy. It doesn’t matter which model you choose; all Mac laptops will last longer on the same battery while giving you the same performance.

If you plan on being away from an outlet for more than six hours, you may have to find additional power options if you decide to go the PC route.


Who breaks down first?

What kind of student would like their laptop with all their study materials, software and possibly a few projects on it break down and gone during the middle of the semester?

Of course, this won’t happen to every single student but chances are … it’ll be less likely to happen with a high-quality laptop. Even if you back it all up, who has time to do all of that and get a new laptop? I didn’t.

Who’s the winner?

Just take a look around your university campus. How many students have you seen holding up old and rusty Apple Macs? I’ve heard a couple of people say that they have a few windows laptops from their last educational establishment’s 2nd hand store even though these are 3 year old.

Go to online forums, specifically the ones made for students, and we will see a lot of evidence about how there are few macs that are sold on eBay because people who own them tend to not want to let go of them after ever using it. We can see how popular MacBooks are in different academic institutions throughout the country and even worldwide as students who I personally know love using them.


The reason why a MacBook is better than a Windows laptop is simply because Macs are made from entirely different sources, meaning that they’re not compatible with the same components.

Even if you buy a PC from a popular manufacturer like Dell or HP, it might not be compatible with parts made by other manufacturers. Apple also invests more money into quality materials and construction so it’s clear to see how they then become more costly.


Freshman students are a lot like human personal assistants. They can be pretty stubborn when it comes to getting them to do a certain task. It’s not until they get burnt out that they realize just how important it is for them to have the right tools amount their disposal.

Who has the lightest?

Windows laptops come in many flavors and colors with all kinds of different weights and performances. One of the lightest options is probably the ZenBook, weighing in at about 2.4 pounds, or about 0.4 pounds lighter than the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Pro, weighing in at 3.5 pounds is almost twice as heavy as the ZenBook which boasts a battery life of an incredible 13 hours.

It appears Windows here is a clear winner. However, that’s because with a Mac you don’t really have a choice in terms of weight other than the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

But that’s another good thing. MacBooks are more lightweight than most PCs and regardless of which one you buy (Air or Pro), it won’t matter in the long run because no model will be too heavy to carry in your laptop bag, across campus or any other place you need to go.

Winner: Tie. They’re both portable but definitely Mac has more portable laptops.


Who’s more compatible with software?

Let’s face it, there are times when you need to take your laptop or desktop to a customer’s home or office and make sure everything is working right.

There aren’t too many compatibility issues as long as you stick with Windows – be careful using your machines in architecture-related scenarios as they will ask you to use the Apple system.

Some special cases are that graphic designers and programmers who need access to specialized operating systems might have to use an Apple device (although this is very rare).

With regards to compatibility, you’re going to find that Macs are often less than ideal and will often run into problems. I mean they’re really only good for gamers, Mac vs PC for College iMovie and using under the creation of YouTube videos, right?


Boot Camp. Macs have Boot Camp, a program that allows you to run Windows on your Mac or vice versa. It’s extremely simple to switch between Mac OS X and the other operating system as it’s just like hitting esc as soon as you turn it on. MacBook users can use Boot Camp without any compatibility issues with any application.

In fact, some students benefit from learning using a Mac and you might as well:

Those who are pursuing a publishing, design or art degree might want to stop and think twice. Sometimes there’s no better teacher than experience.

If you are a Computer Science student, we suggest that you use Mac OSX instead of Linux so that it will be easier for you to work on a variety of operating systems in the future.

When it comes to the job market, you might benefit from expanding your programming skills beyond one specific language. A Mac offers three main operating systems: OSX/MacOS, Windows, and Linux.


The most important feature for a student is how much they can get done with their computer. How much work will they finish when given either a Mac or Windows machine. Let’s see which one will give you more productivity.

A laptop that won’t malfunction that easily

As mentioned before, that’s a Mac. It will take you much less time (in other words, almost none) to fix or troubleshoot a Mac for when PC users are faced with the task of fixing their windows laptop.

A laptop that runs its software fast

Apple Macs are better because their operating system runs more smoothly and is less likely to crash than Windows. I’m talking about basic students’ apps of course.

No Malware or Virus equals More Free Time to study

While you will want to work in the office during the school year, Mac vs PC for College your computer at home is likely better protected from malware and viruses.

Mac computers are less pursued by anyone who wants to put malicious software on someone else’s computer because they are less frequently used. Not only are they more secured, but they also have a larger security system that is capable of protecting users even further.

Mac personal computers are also subject to fewer attacks than personal computers running windows or other open OS operating systems. You won’t need to spend hours upon hours cleaning up your PC – it’s just not worth it.

No Bloatware equals Faster Performance

Pre-installed software, also known as bloatware, refers to programs that come pre-loaded on new computers or laptops. Having this bloatware is not ideal for a computer’s operating system because it slows down the functions and performance of a PC.

While Mac computers do have some pre-installed software, there isn’t any bloatware loaded into them like some Windows laptops include with other companies’ programs. Before buying a Windows laptop, keep this in mind.

Otherwise, you might run into issues if you aren’t very competent in technical things like removing unwanted programs from your computer and end up having to pay someone else to fix the problems caused by the bloatware on your computer.

Better tech support

If for some reason your Mac starts to malfunction, you’re in luck because Mac has outstanding support services in the industry and will solve your issues when you contact them saving you time from having to find other support options.

When you have a problem, don’t look for help from hundreds of other developers or companies.

Integration of Other iOS Devices

Working on your laptop should be most convenient and the best part is that the work you do on your smartphone will automatically sync with it! Mac vs PC for College If you have a Mac, then you are in luck because all of your work including photos and other files will sync seamlessly onto it.

Ex: Take a photo of your professor’s board. It instantly appears on your Mac for you to save it in a folder of your choice or a document where you keep all your notes.

You can send and receive your messages straight from your laptop, any time of day, giving you an easier and faster way to communicate with your peers.

Less Gaming

Windows is a clear winner when it comes to Gaming. Their graphics cards are much more powerful than even the high-end Macs.

Also, Macs aren’t supported by many video games. If you’re going to play a lot of computer games, you might be disappointed in the lack of options that are available for you on a Mac.

Needless to say, if you want a computer that helps you burn time on various online games without having to spend too much money on the latest hardware but yet still have an “edge” to win against the other guys, get a PC Machine with the latest features for intensive gaming.

Make that laptop heavy, bulky and painful to bring to school when it’s on especially if (s)he plans on bringing it home too as well so as not to lose track of it or forget it somewhere.

If you want to be more productive, then get a Mac and leave games on your windows desktop back home for the weekends.


Macs are cheaper

It’s often the small things that matter more than larger expenses. Mac vs PC for College This is why a Mac will end up being a cheaper investment in the long run.

And for this reason, many businesses choose to buy Apple products over an alternative because of the lesser costs accrued from repairs and replacements.

Even though you may see some refurbished PC laptops or desktops available for sale online after several years of use, there are still very few Windows users brave enough to dispose of their old machines after only three years.

Macs have better Trackpads – No need to buy several mouse

Macs will generally have a better trackpad than Windows machines. As someone who grew up on Windows, I’m not sure how used I am to them, but it feels like my Mac uses much less of its battery for the same gesture recognition capabilities.

And even if you do have a mouse by your side in case things go south, you’ll find yourself using its trackpad more frequently non-the-less.

Viruses & Malware

Macs are definitely better investments in the long run because there are fewer viruses out there that can infect them as compared to PCs, Mac vs PC for College which sometimes do not even come with antivirus software pre-installed.

Better Support

You can walk into an Apple store and begin troubleshooting your laptop or computer directly with the staff who work in-house and can answer specific questions about your machine. While a PC may offer similar services, you’ll need to speak to several manufacturers before finding someone who will be able to come and see you face-to-face straight away.

You may also have to spend a few minutes or hours waiting for someone who is willing to advise you for free over the phone or Skype.


It’s pretty clear why Macs are widely accepted to be a better option than PC’s. For the most part they are. If you’re a student, however, then it might not necessarily be universally applicable.

If I had to do it all over again, I would probably get a Chrome Book or possibly a Surface Pro again.

Once you start looking for a job, Mac vs PC for College companies might force you to use different operating systems. The type of operating system I initially wanted was Linux, but currently the job market isn’t the best. Often technology is changing and we need to adapt with it.

But as a student, I never felt like my devices were powerful enough to handle all of the tasks I put them to – whether writing papers or studying for tests.

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