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The Amazon Kindle is an amazing piece of technology. AMazon Kindle is the best e-reader and best note-taking tablet. But it’s not exactly indestructible. The most common problem with the Kindle is that it won’t charge. It will either refuse to turn on or it will just die on you without warning. In this article, we are going to talk about how to fix the problem of Amazon Kindle Won’t Charge. This applies to any kindle from the paperwhite to the Oasis.

Why your Kindle won’t charge

Why isn’t my Kindle charging? This is one of the most common questions we receive and thankfully it’s an easy problem to fix. There are a couple of different reasons why your Kindle may not be charging as normal. The first thing we really need to determine is whether it’s an issue with the software on your Kindle, or a problem with the hardware aka the Kindle itself (or its charger, which I’ll get to in a minute)

How to Check Battery causing Problem

Locating the cause of a charging problem is quick and easy with any Kindle. If you plug your Kindle in to charge, even with the wrong charger, you should see a dead battery screen (a battery with an exclamation mark on modern Kindles). This indicates that the Kindle software is working fine, and it’s probably a hardware problem.

If the Kindle doesn’t boot even after a complete charge, the problem could be with its battery or power cable. You can usually tell if it’s a hardware issue by looking at the light on the bottom of the Kindle during charging. If there’s no light when it’s plugged in, then there’s likely a problem with either the battery or charger.

If you’ve let the Kindle drain completely, then it can take a long time for it to get enough juice to turn on again. Make sure you’ve left your device for at least an hour before concluding there’s an actual problem with your device.

How to Reset the Kindle

The first step is to try to reset your Kindle by holding down the power button on the bottom of the device for 40-50 seconds. Try doing this when the Kindle’s not plugged into a charging port first, and if that doesn’t work, repeat it while plugged into a charger. Make sure your charger port is completely clear of dust, too.

Use a different charger

The most common reason for the Kindle not charging isn’t down to the device itself, but your charger. When you’re charging your Kindle, you want to make sure that you’re using the charger that came with it. This is easy enough if you’ve got a new Kindle, but with older ones, you may have lost your charger somewhere down the line.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to figure out your kindly charging problem. It also helps you to fix this problem.



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