Key Features of Last Mile Delivery Solutions

The main aim of a last-mile logistic company is to make sure the package is delivered to the customer as soon as possible. However, the problem is that last-mile delivery is the most expensive and time-consuming part of shipping. If there is inefficiency or an issue in the last mile procedure, the deliveries become more expensive.

A good last-mile solution is a great tool to tackle this issue and enhance your logistics business by making the last-mile delivery more effective and efficient. Here are some of the features you should look for when choosing a last-mile solution.

1.  Auto-dispatch

The auto-dispatch features allow you to efficiently manage important orders and tasks. It automatically assigns tasks to the most suitable driver with the aim of decreasing labor costs and service time. It also relocates drivers according to who is near the package.

2.  Smart tracking

A good last-mile solution will make your delivery process more secure and transparent by offering smart tracking facilities that enable you to track your package in real-time. It gives you complete access and visibility to your deliveries.

It also offers greater operational efficiency as it allows you to track the drivers’ location on the go. The customers can also contact the delivery company and know if there are any delays in the delivery.

3.  Visualize key metrics

A very important feature of a last-mile solution is to give you access to important metrics such as on-time rates, service times, distance traveled, feedback, and success rates. The software also lets you filter the data according to the week, day or hour.

4.  Route optimization

Optimized route planning is a very important aspect of any last-mile logistics solution. It allows you to minimize delivery time by discovering the fastest routes. It takes into account different factors such as time, traffic, and location to provide you with the most efficient and fastest route.

5.  Feedback from the client

The last mile delivery solution you select should offer excellent customer services, such as options for users to give reviews and feedback about their experience and delivery. A logistics solution with a customer rating and reviews feature offers great space for growth for the business.

6.  Mobile excess

The last-mile delivery solution should have mobile and external integration so that you can access it through your computer as well as by your cell phone while you are on the go. This allows you to keep track of your business and logistics while you are in the car or anywhere else.

7.  Automatic data management

To make sure the last mile deliveries are efficient, logistics software should offer automatic data analytics. This includes the status of deliveries, the performance of drivers, resource usage, failed deliveries, and successful ones. All of this data allows greater control and insight into your company’s data.

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In a nutshell

A last-mile delivery software allows you to keep a watch on your business and offers more transparency and clarity of performance. We highly recommend you to get a last-mile solution as it will enhance not only your last-minute delivery but also the revenues.

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