How to Use IPad as Phone in 2022?

Is it possible to use an iPad as a phone? While some people are interested in converting their iPad to a cell phone, the process varies greatly depending on what cellular company your iPad is connected to. The first step is to understand which model of iPad you have. Apple has 3 models that fit different cellular providers. Next, find out if your carrier supports voice calling and simultaneous data and voice for your particular iPad model.

This has me thinking if it is possible to make and receive calls and texts as needed, why not do it? In this article, I will show you how easy it is to use the “Cellular Data” setting on your iPad for cellular phone-like functionality and some video demonstrations that may convince you to stop using your iPhone and switch completely to the iPad.

What do you need to do this?

Most of us have an iPad or even a drawing tablet with a stylus, but it is not as popular as the iPhone yet because of its lack of telephone capabilities. However, you can use your iPad as a phone without actually making calls on it. The first method involves setting up WiFi calling on your iPad, which means you can make and receive calls using this device over WiFi.

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Several prerequisites must be met before you may use your iPad as a phone. iOS 8.1 or later and carrier activation are required for iPhones, while iOS 8 or iPadOS is required for iPads. You could face hours-long nonstop troubleshooting guides because this feature is quite complicated and demanding, but your patience will be rewarded, just follow the steps below:

Can you send and receive text messages?

IPad is a good alternative to the smartphone when you don’t need to do calls and want to save money or have a limited data plan. It’s very convenient, there are lots of iPad-only apps available for text messaging and other features. But there are many who still think it’s impossible to send and receive texts on an iPad.

Advantages and disadvantages of using iPad as phone

Below, we list the advantages and disadvantages of setting up your iPad to use as a phone.


  • Seamless integration between devices
  • Allows For More Interaction
  • Ease of communicating from your iPhone/iPad


  • Annoying when all your devices start to ring together
  • Risk of privacy intrusion when one of the devices is not with you

How to allow phone calls on your iPad from your phone

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone
  2. Tap Cellular > Calls on Other Devices
  3. Now, toggle on Allow Calls on Other Devices
  4. Choose your iPad from the list
  5. Now, open Settings on your iPad
  6. Go to FaceTime, then toggle on FaceTime and Calls from iPhone
  7. If prompted, toggle on Wi-Fi Calling
  8. Once you have made these settings active, you can make and receive calls on your iPad

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