How to Use iPad as Drawing Tablet? – Top 4 Apps

The iPad is capable of much more than just a casual drawing session or note taking. When paired with the right software and a digitizing stylus like the Apple Pencil, your iOS device can act as a true digital drawing tablet. Giving you all the tools that you’ll need in the best animation tablet for creating high-quality animation or artwork. But the question is how to use iPad as drawing tablet?

If you love to draw, take notes, and enjoy other graphics-rich activities, the iPad can be a great tool that has plenty of power when paired with a stylus like the Apple Pencil. That’s because the iOS version of the iPad is basically a portable version of your computer’s desktop screen. In this article, I’ll introduce you to the best iPad drawing apps for digital artists.

Apple Sidecar (Free)

Sidecar is Apple’s attempt at turning the iPad into a second display for use with compatible Macs. It works best if you have an iPad Pro. It also works with the third-gen iPad Air, fifth-gen iPad mini, or sixth-gen iPad or newer. You can find out which iPad you have under Settings > General > About.

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Sidecar is a new first-party monitor stand from Apple. It’s designed to make using an iPad Pro on an external display as simple and easy as possible. For comparison, you can think of SideCar’s primary competition as something like the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 or Fleximount iMonitor.

With macOS Catalina, it’s become easier to use your iPad as a secondary display on your Mac. Apple’s Sidecar feature requires you to have an iPad Air, iPad Pro, or 2018 iPad; along with a Mac running macOS Catalina.

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Designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. Sidecar provides users an immersive note-taking interface, comfortable keyboarding experience, heightened attention to detail, and the best possible performance.

Splashtop Remote

Splashtop Remote is one of the most popular apps among users who want to be able to control their computer from afar. The app offers the ability to control your computer from your iPad and allows you to access things like videos, music, and more from your computer. You can use your favorite art and drawing software from your computer via your iPad with SplashTop. Which makes it a good choice for artists interested in inconvenience or moving around away from a desktop while they work.


Procreate has quickly become a favorite among illustrators and letterers all around the world. The app allows you to sketch and draw. If you’re looking for hyper-realistic artwork on the go, look no further. Procreate features digital brushes, an advanced layer system. Its built-in layers of semi-opaque color enable mixed-medium workflows. There are also 17 blending modes to help improve your workflows, time-lapse videos directly from the app, and support for PSD files and multitasking on iPad.


iDisplay is a popular app that allows people to use their iPad as a second display. This app has it all for someone looking to draw via a tablet and offers more screen space because it is able to be connected to several wireless devices all at once. It’s also easily customizable when used with different devices.

Hopefully, you can get your answer on How to Use iPad as Drawing Tablet?

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