How to Use Cricut Expression with a Computer

How to Use Cricut Expression with a Computer, so, you’ve just bought an old Cricut Expression machine because you were getting a great deal but can’t figure out how to connect it to a computer?

Or maybe you found this dusty old machine somewhere in the attic and are overcome with nostalgia as soon as you pull it out from its box.

Hello. Well, the bad news is that Cricut Craft Room will no longer be supported by its developers, but there’s still some good news.

You only need to find a third-party software similar to it, and you’ll be able to connect your Expression easily with your computer.

How Can I Connect Cricut Expression to a Computer?

To connect your Cricut Expression to your computer you will need an external application. This program will work with the machine and send out instructions to make cuts based on the demands of your project’s desired outcomes.

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Although these third-party connection applications are not officially recognized by Cricut, they are tested by users who own machines and have had success doing so.

The Solution: Third-party Software to Connect Cricut Expression to your Computer

Here is a list of exciting software we’ve used in order to connect the Cricut Expression to our computer:

Cricut Design Studio

Think of Cricut Design Studio as the younger sibling to Craft Room. Both Cricut Design Studio and Craft Room have been stored by Cricut, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use Design Studio or connect your Expression to your computer.

Here’s how you can use the software with a Cricut expression machine.

  1. Download the software using the link.
  2. Double-click the application’s installer and press “Next” until you’ve completely installed it.
  3. Open up the “Cricut Design Studio” from your Desktop.
  4. Take a look at the application – it’s just the same as your Cricut Expression.
  5. Simply connect the Expression machine to your computer with the USB cord provided with it (the USB port is right beside the AC connector on your device).
  6. That’s it – Windows will automatically download everything else it needs to help you use Cricut Expression with your computer with ease! Here’s how I selected a custom figure from one of the hundreds of available cartridges on the Cricut Design Studio:

Make the Cut

Cricut Design Studio is a third-party application that will help you unlock a whole new world of possibilities. Connecting your Cricut machine to the software is easy! We’ll tell you how:

  1. Download the latest release of Make the Cut! from their website and install the application by double-clicking the installer
  2. Once done, open the application. Draw or import shapes you’d like to cut.
  3. To cut it using your Expression, you will be needing a plugin which helps connect the software to your cutter. You can download the plugin using this website.
image3-1536x720 3

Converting your designs into cutting files for your Cricut is easy! Just click on the icon of the type of file you’d like to import and let Cricut Design Space help do the rest.

Note: The latest release of Make the Cut! has discontinued support for Cricut machines due to which your Expression won’t connect to the computer. Wondering what software can I use if not Make the Cut!? Read ahead.

Sure, Cuts A Lot (SCAL)

Sure, Cuts A Lot (SCAL) is a program that connects your machine to the computer. Version 2 of SCAL is compatible with older versions of the Expression machines. Download and install SCAL if you’ve purchased a license.

Installing SCAL will require you to download and install a plugin called Lib Cutter that connects your Cricut Expression machine to the software. While it’s a simple process, there’s an excellent tutorial that demonstrates how to do so on YouTube.


Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about connecting Cricut Expression to computers:

Does Sure Cuts a Lot 5 work with Cricut Expression?

Sure, Cuts A Lot works with all versions of the Cricut Design Space, including the latest version. If you’ve purchased SCAL, you can use it directly in Cricut Design Space and then transfer your favorite designs to cut at home on your Cricut device or send them to a local shop for manual cutting.

Check the section on the question above to learn more about the answer. Using a plugin like Lecter, you may be able to cut custom designs using SCAL.

What app do I use for Cricut Expression?

You can use Cricut Design Studio, Sure Cuts A Lot, or Make the Cut for computer to use your Cricut Expression. While these apps are not officially supported by Cricut, they can help explore personal and customized designs for cutting.

If you’re wondering how to use Cricut Craft Room with the select Cricut Machines, unfortunately, that’s not possible anymore. The application has been discontinued by CRICUT and is unavailable for download or usage.

Does the Cricut Expression have Bluetooth?

The Cricut Expression machine does not support wireless connectivity. Even though the manufacturer previously offered a wireless adapter, it has since discontinued manufacturing and most sellers don’t carry it anymore.

Cricut does offer a wireless Bluetooth adapter (sold separately) for the Explore series of their cutting machines.


Hopefully, I helped you understand how to connect your Expression to your computer as software is needed for the process.

As Cricut has officially ended support for the old Expression model, third-party software solutions are great alternatives to connecting one’s system together at a reasonable cost.

We looked at the fun applications Sure Cuts A Lot, Design Studio and Make The Cut! So, what are you still doing here? Install these applications right away and make terrific DIY projects for yourself or friends.

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