How To Use a Drawing Tablet – Buying Guide

A drawing tablet or animation, also known as digitizing tablet. It is a device that allows you to draw and design images directly onto your computer. An animation tablet comes in the form of a flat surface with pressure-sensitive areas known as drawing or writing “pens” located on it. As you create various lines, a cursor on the computer screen is created in the same pattern as that of the stylus. But you should know How To Use a Drawing Tablet in detail to use it.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

When buying the Animation Tablet, the wide spectrum of variety might get you confused. Choosing the best tablet with a perfect blend of functionality and design can be a pesky task, especially when every tablet has its own strength. Some people like to have a familiar operating system; some tend to focus on the processors, while others prioritize the budget when making a purchase.

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Screen size

The foremost important thing to consider when purchasing the tablet is the screen size. However, remember that the screen size is not equal to the size of the tablet; it is referred to the active screen size that you use to write.

Sensitivity of the stylus

Tablets with stylus help produce the best scribbles. But, a person shouldn’t buy it just because of that. It’s important to check whether the tablet comes with a pen and which is the maximum pressure sensitivity allowed by that pen. This would enable you to do your entire range of works from sketching to writing smoothly.

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The resolution of a tablet depends on the density of the screen, as professional illustrators and designers demand higher resolutions to enjoy detailed work. If going for a tablet primarily for media viewing, they tend to go with lower resolutions to save battery life. However, if you are more inclined toward the graphic arts, it’s best to choose a higher resolution tablet.

Battery life

The battery size should be greater than 5000 mAh for a 5-inch screen and 7000 mAh for a 10-inches screen. It should be greater than 10000 mAh for screen sizes above 11-inch. The charging should be 15W or better.


Tablets are generally used as a complementary device that lies somewhere between your phone and laptop. If you are going to use your laptop more, then a tablet with lesser RAM would work but if you are using it as a replacement, then get one with a RAM that you’d want your laptop or desktop to have.


You just need to be clear in your head about the time you’d be holding the tablet for if you’re going to use it with a stand and how big the screen size should be. Once you are clear about these, you’ll be able to determine the weight that the tablet should have.

Extended warranty

There are companies that provide an extended warranty. Try getting yourself a tablet that has a screen protection plan or warranty plan. It will help you have a great experience and learn how to handle the tablet without paying for the repairs.


Price is a supremely important factor to consider choosing the best note-taking tabletIf you are buying it for note-taking only, you do not need to spend a huge sum of money on it. You can just purchase an older model to keep the costs low.

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