How to Unlock Tablet Without Password?

Tablets are popular among people nowadays, with their big screen and multi-functional features. Most people using the best note-taking tablets will set a password or pattern on the tablet to keep their important information private. Sometimes, they forget their passwords and would like to unlock their tablets. There are many reasons that you forget the password of your Android tablet, such as losing your password, clearing the factory, upgrading firmware. How to unlock a Samsung tablet when you forgot the password without losing data. But in any case, all you need to know is how to unlock a tablet without password. And then you can get back access to the tablet by yourself.

How to Unlock a Tablet via Factory Reset

  • Press Power Button and Power Off your Tablet
  • Press the Power Button and Volume Up button at a time
  • Click on the Wipe data/factory reset by Scroll down
  • Your tablet is Password Free now

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How to Unlock via “Android Unlock”

Android unlock is third-party software that is used to reset your tablet. It can remove all types of locks like passwords, fingerprints, PINs, and patterns. There is no skill in operation so that you can unlock a tablet without a password via simple clicks. You can reset passwords without even losing data on some devices like Samsung tablets.

  • Install the Software
  • Select Your Tablet Model
  • Choose the Screen Unlock > “Unlock Android Screen” option, and select the model of your tablet. Then tap the “Next” icon.
  • Unlock the Android Tablet
  • Select Brand, Device Name, and Device Model to enter the Download Mode, and the software will begin to download the recovery package.
  • Once done, click the “Remove Now” button and confirm by typing “000000” to unlock the tablet.

How to Unlock Tablet Without Password Using Google Find My Device

  • Open Your Laptop or Computer
  • Search Find My Mobile on Google
  • Unlock the Tablet Using Your Samsung Account

Note: This method only works on Samsung devices

How to unlock tablet by using find my mobile


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