How to Unlock Mouse on Lenovo Laptop? – 5 Solutions

The issue of how to unlock the mouse on a Lenovo laptop can be a headache for many. I am an engineering student and I got the best laptop for engineering students which was ThinkPad X1 Extreme Mobile Workstation. Once I got stuck and the mouse was locked. That is the first time I ever saw that, it was strange and made me think: how to unlock a mouse on a Lenovo laptop?

This article helps you through many techniques and methods that you can use to fix the issue of your mouse not working on Lenovo laptops.

Why Is My Laptop Mouse Not Working?

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  • The trackpad is disabled
  • Conflicts with an external device
  • Missing or outdated device drivers
  • Faulty hardware

How Do I Enable My Touchpad on My Lenovo Laptop?

There are many factors that disable your mousepad. I have discussed a few of them.

1- You can enable the touchpad with the keyboard. Most of the Lenovo laptops have a shortcut key that disables and enables the touchpad. If your laptop has this key, it will probably be assigned to one of the function keys in the top row, so you must hold down the Fn key and then press the button F6(e.g. FN+F6).

2-You can enable the touchpad in Windows Settings. If the touchpad is locked, but you can use an external mouse or TrackPoint, go to Start Menu > Settings > Devices Touchpad and make sure the switch is set to On.

3- Reboot your Laptop (A rebooting laptop will remove minor issues)

4- Check the mouse settings (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Mouse)

5- Install or Update Windows drivers. (Update or Install Drivers will enable your mouse)


Hopefully, this guide will help you to make your mouse enabled. If you are facing any other issue that I can not discuss above. You can mention it in the comments. It helps me a lot to update this guide.

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