How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Unplug the charging cable.
  2. Open the laptop case and locate the power button.
  3. Remove the power button.
  4. Find the 3 to 6 pins under the button.
  5. Use any conductor (like a screwdriver) to short circuit pins 1 and 3, or Connect the pins with a wire.
  6. Wait for your laptop to turn on.

How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button, we will tell you how to turn on your laptop without using the power button.

The likelihood is that if your laptop’s power button is not working, you’ll be wondering if there’s another way you can turn your computer on. Surely there must be another method to accomplish this, don’t you think?

Although there are a variety of methods you can use to solve this, the most convenient way is to press the power button and follow any instructions your laptop displays. This will instantly turn on your computer so you can use it again.

How to Turn on a Laptop without a Power Button

If you are unable to switch on your laptop using the power button, chances are it is actually something else connected with the power circuit or ribbon cables that control the power button. So in order to turn on your laptop without a power button, you need to do this:

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  1. To begin, you will need to disassemble your laptop in order to have access to the motherboard.
  2. Essentially, the power button on your laptop is only the means to get electricity from a hard-wired power source to the devices within your computer.
  3. Afterward, your computer may automatically start up on its own. If you know how to take apart a laptop, this is likely the quickest way to get everything running again.

In any case, if you’re not familiar with how to remove a laptop’s cover, or if you don’t feel comfortable doing so; you’ll need to investigate alternative options for turning your computer on without using the power button.

The location of the connection for the power button between any version of a laptop will be different depending on the brand and model you are using. By simply looking in the same general area for your laptop’s power button externally, it should be relatively easy to spot it.

Here are some of the other methods that you might try to turn on your laptop. These remedies can be useful if your laptop is not responding.

Use an External Keyboard

If the keyboard is connected to an external monitor, it will be possible to turn on a laptop if the power button isn’t working.

The trouble is, most external keyboards will also feature a power button on the side of the keyboard.

If you have configured your laptop to be connected to an external keyboard through Bluetooth, you may be able to turn on your laptop by pressing any key on the keyboard attached to the external keyboard.

In addition to the keyboard that you’ve attached, your laptop will have an impact on this. Using a Mac keyboard, for example, will not allow you to accomplish this because it won’t be compatible.

In some circumstances, if you are using a Windows computer system with the security settings turned up far too high, external keyboards will not function properly with your machine.

Now, this shouldn’t be the case for most applications and types of encryption; however, OSX computer systems don’t encrypt as Windows systems do, so it is likely that this issue could occur if you are trying to use an external keyboard on one of these systems.

Turn on when you open the lid

Depending on your laptop’s configuration, you may be able to get this result by fiddling with the settings. Instead of needing to use your laptop’s power button to turn it on, you can really force it to turn on anytime the lid of your laptop is opened. This will save you time.

You may want to consider using your microwave to give your laptop a quick reboot. Given that you know how to properly care for your microwave, this method should provide you with the added speed of a restart without forcing you to shut down the device.

Get your power button fixed

I understand that this is not the advice you were hoping for, but it is vital that you know your laptop’s power button on your docked notebook will eventually need to be fixed.

In most cases, getting the power button fixed is affordable and affordable with cost varying based upon what specific issue is being addressed.

If the clips that keep the button in place that are attached are not functioning correctly as a result of them being loose, it should be an easy and simple repair.

The cost of replacement clips may be slightly more if there is an issue with them. For example, they could be worn down over time or they might have broken completely. It will be necessary to replace them in this situation.

The ease with which you can complete this task will be determined by the laptop that you are using.

For example, if you’re using an Ultrabook or gaming laptop, this will likely be easier than if you’re using a chiclet keyboard MacBook, which are known to not be disassembled very easily at all because they’re engineered in a way that they don’t need to be opened up and worked on all that often.

How does a power button work?

If your laptop’s power button isn’t functioning, you should try to understand the steps on how it operates in the event that you can’t turn your computer off.

It’s best to work closely with a professional technician whenever you notice your laptop power button isn’t working, as this is often an indication that one of the connecting points on your device motherboard has become detached.

The power button is essentially responsible for transferring the power from outside electrical sources into the various circuits in the system, which is what allows it to operate.


If your laptop shuts down unexpectedly, there are specific options available to you on how to remedy the situation and usually they can be found within a laptop’s manual.

Not being able to turn on your laptop due to problems with the power socket is fairly common—as is turning it on without pressing any buttons.

The best way to fix this issue when it occurs is by consulting the customer service desk at an electronics store after reading through your machine’s user manual from cover-to-cover so as not to miss anything vital should this problem and others surface in the future.

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