How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Serial Number 2022

People can find them How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Serial Number misplaced belongings more easily with the use of recent technology. One no longer needs to guess where they might have left their laptop or worry that they will never see it again. They can track a stolen laptop using serial numbers as well as other methods. This guide explains how to find missing laptops using these different tracking methods.

The most important thing about your laptop is that it’s protected. The serial number is there for a reason and, rest assured, you’ll need it should the worst come to pass and your laptop gets stolen. There are a few excellent programs out there that will make the process of reporting about a stolen machine and finding out where it is located simply.

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How to Track a Stolen Laptop With Serial Number?

The worst thing that could happen is losing your laptop. Laptops aren’t cheap, and the hassle of replacing it will make you want to curl up in a ball. Thankfully, there are ways for you to track your laptop down even when you are unable to control every circumstance yourself.

Things happen, and even if someone stole your laptop right out of your hands or if it failed on its own accord and was not able to be repaired here are ways for you to find out where or who has it without needing a tracking device which is too expensive anyway.

In the unfortunate case that your laptop gets stolen, you may not know this but there are ways to track it back down. This article goes over how you can use a Track stolen laptop with Track laptop serial number online on a laptop as one of several steps in order to keep an eye on who is using your device or even to find it in the first place.

If you’re interested in protecting yourself against theft and/or lost devices, make sure that each of your devices has a clearly visible serial number so that nobody can be able to run off with it without someone commenting and reporting their location.

Gadget providers have a whole database of phone and tablet products that are protected by the tools that have been available to make it practically impossible to find out where your device is from only the serial number.

When you report a theft from your place of work, the police may come out and ask for all of the serial numbers that are on your computer’s hardware. That way, if they find any other locations where products with the same How to track a stolen Lenovo laptop with serial number have been reported stolen, they may be able to keep track of a pattern and locate whoever stole your property.

Tracking of Stolen Laptop Using Serial Number

Serial numbers are used to identify laptops. The primary form of identification they offer is individualized to only one laptop. There are other forms of identification that can be used in the event a serial number cannot be located or the laptop in question has been stolen, such as police reports, insurance claims, and pawnshop complaints; these documents can already provide immediate identification via a number of channels even if there may not be an address associated with it currently.

If there’s only a serial number with no other information attached to your laptop, now will be the time to install some tracking software on the device. This can give you a chance to track it and find where it is.

Tracking of Stolen Laptop Using Mac Address?

MAC addresses are basically codes that computers use in order to identify each other. They consist of a series of six groups of two letters or numbers followed by a hyphen. If you want to find out your home MAC address, start up the terminal program and then enter the command: ifconfig

You can also use Command + Shift + U. It will display the MAC addresses of all network interface cards.

If your laptop goes missing, you should call a network administrator. Laptops are hard to find because they can cause quite a disturbance when they go missing. Also, most people don’t know what one looks like. When calling the network administrator make sure you’re calm and ready to tell them exactly where your computer is in order for them to effectively locate it.

  1. Focusing on the smaller picture, feel free to use some network devices to protect your network by setting a strong password and using MAC address filtering.
  2. Changing the IP address allows the administrator to keep track of your device’s locations to make sure they know if they’re no longer under their control.

Tracking of Stolen Laptop Using IMEI number

An IMEI number is a unique identifier assigned to cellular-capable devices like smartphones and tablets. A smartphone or tablet’s IMEI number can be used to prevent theft or identify problems with the device but is they cannot be categorized as carriers of the IMEI number if there aren’t any other devices connected to it.

IP addresses can reveal your exact location – but only as long as you’ve got a data plan and keep the device turned on. The main reason is that IP addresses are definitive. They aren’t like postal addresses – they’re just numbers, so they can’t give away where you live (but there’s no way to tell that second one to your neighbours).

What should I do if my laptop is stolen?

Although some of the suggestions below may lead you to your lost device, we highly recommend getting in touch with law enforcement overtaking action yourself. Chances are that by the time you find a thief, your phone will be long gone and tracking services won’t tell you which door to knock on, meaning they’ll likely deny having it no matter what piece of information they disclose.

How to find a lost windows laptop

Find My Device is a built-in feature of Microsoft’s Windows devices. The operating system provides users with the ability to locate their laptops if they go missing since 2015.

  • When you click “account,” select “updates and security.” If you choose ‘update and security, you will be able to update and secure your PC. If you are connected, your information will appear at the top of the screen. It is necessary to log in if you aren’t already.
  • It is available by selecting the icon and clicking on ‘Device Status.’ It is used to receive updates and security alerts.
  • Depending on your settings, you will see ON or OFF
  • Pressing the same button again will turn it back on if it is off. To use your Microsoft account, you need a computer that runs Windows 10.
  • The most convenient method of sign-in is to sign in with your Microsoft Account. Once you’re signed it, what can you do now that you have access? If you’ve signed in to a device and this particular device is stolen or missing, select Find My Device from the list of your devices. This option allows one to find the exact location or last known location of their lost devices.
  • You can remotely lock your laptop by connecting to it via a LAN cable, shutting it down and closing the case while still being connected.

Finding lost laptop using Gmail And DropBox with IP address

Before travelling with your How to track a stolen laptop using Gmail, it was common to have only a fifty-three-second window of time to grab the computer up before someone tried to your property. With that sort of statistic, the question arises: is it possible at all to track a stolen MacBook?

As it turns out, there are multiple ways of tracking your laptop in case of theft and/or mishap. While many users are by no means tech experts or just not aware that there’s software for this type of thing, tracking your device is relatively easy with the right software.

An IP address details someone’s online identity. It is inseparable from the concept of Internet Protocols. An How to track a stolen laptop with IP address provides a unique number for each and every device that exists on the Internet, which is why it is considered to be a name rather than a number.

This address can later be used to direct packages and data using your browser or another program, as well as send messages between devices connected to the same network. As more people get access to information, it becomes nearly impossible to transfer large amounts of data without utilizing your IP address.

With Dropbox

  • You can use your laptop’s IP address to track it if it’s been stolen. Here’s what you do: on another device or notebook, go to the website where you last visited and confirm the details with that site
  • Log into your Dropbox. Now that you’ve got access, it’s time to back up your files. Log in with the Gmail account associated with Dropbox. Whenever you turn on your laptop, log on, and enter your Gmail account and password to get started.
  • You automatically log into your Dropbox because it’s a great choice. Look in the upper right corner of your screen where you will find an icon that represents your account.
  • Then select Security from the Settings menu.
  • In your browser, look for the information symbol next to the most recent activity column.

With Gmail

  • When a Google account has been recently compromised, Gmail will notify you if they detect anything suspicious. Firstly it’s best to start from the last confirmed location.
  • In the web version of Gmail, you can find an option to see all recent activity by going to the bottom right corner of your screen and clicking “details” (shown in orange in the image above). By tapping “show details,” you will be able to view recent account activity and copy your IP address or link. You can’t pinpoint exactly what device it belongs to but you can identify what city and neighbourhood the device might be located in.

What Happens if a Stolen Laptop Is the Factory Reset

If your laptop was stolen and later recovered, you have the option of erasing the information on the device to protect your privacy or to render it unusable.

  • If you are tracking a device (ThinkPad, MacBook, Apple), you must install the required software for tracking that device.
  • Make sure that you feel confident that the project’s scope of work and all other deliverables will be completed before you pay for them. It’s in your best interest to not put yourself or your business at risk of loss by paying for services that have yet to be performed.
  • The Stalker app can also be used to take photos of the person who stole your phone. You can send them a warning message as well as remotely disable their phone so you can get it back. The Factory Reset allows you to perform all of these actions and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track a laptop with the serial number?

The answer is yes and no. You can track a laptop if the hard drive is still inside it. You don’t even have to know the serial number. But when you remove the hard drive, you won’t be able to track it via serial number.

Why? Because the serial number is embedded in the hard drive. If you want to track it, you need to install the hard drive back on the laptop.

If you don’t know this, then someone might be able to sell the laptop with a hard drive to you. You won’t know that the hard drive is already removed. You will be able to track the laptop through the serial number if the laptop is still intact.

For example, if it is stolen, then you can track it through the serial number. If it is sold, you may be able to track it through the serial number if the current owner is honest. But if the criminal is dishonest, then it is impossible to track it through the serial number.

Can a stolen laptop be tracked?

Yes, a stolen laptop can be tracked. You can use software like Absolute LoJack, LoJack for Laptops or Anti-Theft PC (free for personal use), and this software will help you to track your stolen laptop easily.

Can I trace my stolen laptop if it’s been factory reset?

A factory reset will clear all the files and folders on your laptop. It may erase the hard disk also. So, you will not be able to trace your stolen laptop. Also, if your laptop is not connected to the internet, then you will never be able to find it even if it is connected to the internet.


A stolen laptop can be a nightmare, but you have to remain calm and take the next steps to get it back as quickly as possible.

You may realize your laptop has been stolen when a horrible moment strikes. It will seem hopeless, but that’s why it’s important to remember that you can use its serial number or IP address to track where it is now and find out who exactly has it so you can bring your device home again. When there’s a laptop theft in the air, here is an article detailing how to track a stolen laptop with a serial or IP address.

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