How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet?

Using an Android tablet or phone is very easy. Most people using android because it’s simple and easy to use. But some simple things lead to complexity. Taking Screenshots is a very basic function on PCs and laptops because there is a Print Screen Button available and it’s too much easy in the case of Samsung tablets. In this article, you can learn about How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet?

Before I started discussing the steps of How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet you just need to learn about some Keys. There is a maximum of four keys in the tablet, Power key, Volume Up, volume down, and home key. You can take screenshots by using these keys and these are a much easier solution. Infect it’s easy for kids because when they are using tablets for their school work, drawing or animation. These keys help them a lot in taking screenshots. You can also check these guides if you want to get the best tablet for animation or the best drawing tablet for kids because these day’s schools are closed and classes going online. Maybe, these guides help you in this regard.


Using Your Tablet’s Buttons

There are three buttons on all tablets. Power, Volume Up, and Volume Down, you can press the Power and Volume buttons together to take screenshots.

How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet

Power and Home button

For those tablets in which the home button exists, you can take a screenshot by pressing the home button and power button together to take the screenshot.


How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet

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