How to Screenshot on an HP Laptop?

Here is the steps to screenshot on an hp laptop

  1. Simultaneously press the Windows key and Print Screen (Prt Sc). You’ll see your screen flicker for a second to imply it has successfully taken a screenshot.
  2. Go to This PC > Pictures.
  3. All your screenshots will be stored under the folder ‘Screenshots’.

How to screenshot on an HP laptop? Laptops are the way of the future. Offering you a variety of computing power and portability, laptops are perfect for getting work done and keeping yourself entertained when traveling or at home.

No matter what type of information you need to capture, it’s important to have the right tool on hand so that you don’t have to take even more time out of your schedule to do something like screenshotting.

How to Take Screenshot on an HP Laptop?

When shopping for a laptop computer or desktop, it’s often wise to purchase one that has a higher resolution screen with full HD guts as they offer a better viewing experience.

  1. Take screenshots using the keyboard
  2. Default snapping program to take screenshots screenshot on hp laptop
  3. The best way to take screenshots
  4. How to screenshot on hp laptop windows 10, 7, and XP?
  5. How to screenshot on windows Mac?

Take screenshots using the keyboard

If you are using a Windows OS HP laptop, you may have heard that there is a free way to capture the screen on a laptop.

You can use the Windows key + Print screen key combination to make a screenshot of your entire screen. To take a screenshot of just the active window, you only need to press Alt + Print Screen instead.

If you use a laptop with an HP computer you may have to press the “Fn” key in combination with another key to access some special functions.

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How to screenshot on windows Mac?

Simple way to do on Mac – Command + C, then Ctrl + Shift + V

In the following article, we will share the information about how to take screenshots on Windows 10

If you use Mac OS X for your computer, you can take screenshots of a whole page by pressing the “Command + Shift + # 3” keyboard shortcut on a Mac laptop as well.

If you want to take a partial screenshot, you can use “Command + Shift + $ 4”: a rectangular frame will appear on the screen; you can then select an area to frame your desired image.

Release the mouse, and a screenshot will be saved by default to your desktop as a PGN file.

Default Snapping Program to Take Screenshots Screenshot on Hp Laptop

Most of us know that we would need to use a certain keyboard command in order to take a screenshot of our Windows operating system on any laptop, whether it’s an HP or not.

They also include a free program called Clippings, specially designed to capture images from your computer’s desktop.

If you use Windows 10 and 8, try searching for “clippings” in the search engine on your start screen.

When using the Photo Edit options’s Crop tool, you will be given four types by which to crop your image: Free Crop, Rectangular Crop, Window Crop and Full Screen.

How to screenshot on hp laptop windows 10, 7, and XP?

Many people aren’t even aware they have shortcuts in their system but they’re all there waiting to be discovered. For example, did you know that you can take a screenshot of your display easily and quickly with the home/page up and print screen buttons on HP laptops?

On a HP laptop, there is always a button which says Prnt Scr or has some variation of the name depending on the model. This can be found on the top right side of your keyboard.

With this button, you can instantly save every screen capture made anywhere on your desktop as a file in the Screenshots folder.

You can always take a screenshot and paste it wherever you want. Or, if these resources might be of interest to you, here are some other free alternatives for taking screenshots on Windows.

Follow our guide to see How to Screenshot on an HP laptop or desktop computer with a combination of keystrokes.

On an HP PC, users can take a screenshot with these keyboard combinations.

  1. Windows logo key + PrtScn
  2. Windows logo key + Ctrl + PrtScn
  3. Windows logo key + Fn + PrtScn

The key combinations for taking screenshots on HP laptops differ from model to model so it’s best to check your user manual for more information.

If your screen doesn’t turn completely dark, video has not been recorded. Double check to make sure you’re recording in a well-lit setting and that your camera is facing the same direction as the presenter.

If you have Windows 7 on your HP laptop, it provides a screenshot feature as well. However the screenshots do not automatically paste in Paint and Word, thus you need to get used to using the shortcut that uses Paint.

But if your HP device has Windows 8 or XP, the screenshot will be automatically saved as a file. To access it, go to Default Images > Screenshots.

Screenshots you see have been automatically annotated with a number, feel free to change it.

Default Application for Mac Windows

Grab on Mac alternatively; you can also use an integrated program (an integrated Mac OS X operation system service) to capture full or partial screen images or even a specific window of your Mac laptop.

Finder > Applications > Utilities, see Grab or select Capture from the top bar and grab whatever you like to save as docx , pdf etc.

Professional Way: How to Screenshot on an Hp Laptop?

When it comes to capturing those special moments in life, a lot of people don’t necessarily realize that there are specific tools for the job! Face it: you can only click the print screen button on your computer so many times – but this does not mean that you’re stuck using what exactly you have at your disposal. While some people assume that special moments such as birthdays and reunions can only be captured by a camera, this is simply not true!

Screenshot is a handy program for taking pictures of things on your laptop screen. You can use it to take pictures of single windows, entire websites, animated videos, or even the desktop.

In addition, they also provide cloud space on their platform, where you can upload images free of charge from your own computer and share them to other sites like Flickr, Twitter and Facebook in just the click of a button.


The shortcut key combination will capture an entire picture that includes the Toolbar, taskbar and all other open windows in Vista.If you want to take part in the screenshot, you will need to use the Crop Tool.

For those of you who are interested in making cool looking images to use for your own laptop, the best tool for image modification and customization is by using the app ‘GIMP’ since it comes packed with a ton of different filters, styles and effects you can use to polish up your images!

I hope you will learn more techniques for how to capture and share screenshots on an HP laptop? You’d be surprised at all the ways this essential tool can improve your life. For example, a professional graphics capturing program will allow you to take screenshots, edit them and then share them whenever you please!

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