How to Reset Amazon Fire Tablet?

Before starting, you need to take back up of your device. If you want to restore your settings on this device or another compatible Fire tablet. Before resetting your device. You need to know How to Reset Amazon Fire Tablet. Please note that backup will not save your account passwords, side-loaded content, or most 3rd party app data, such as game progress.

Many times we are using Amazon fire tablet as a note-taking tablet by using Note, Memo, Notepad App. So, you can take a complete data backup and transfer the backup to your computer. In this way, you can save your important documents.

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Note: Because a factory reset will remove any content you’ve downloaded to your tablet, make sure to back up your personal content to your computer first. You’ll still be able to download your Amazon purchases from the Cloud on compatible devices and applications.

Individual app settings, game progress, or in-app items may be lost by resetting. Check with the app developer for more details on their app policies before resetting your Fire tablet.

How to Reset Amazon Fire Tablet

  1. Open the Settings by Swiping down from the top of the screen 
  2. Click on Device Options, and then tap Reset to Factory Defaults
  3. Tap Reset to confirm
  4. Now your amazon fire tablet is factory reset and you can use it as a new tablet

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