How to Rescue Your Photos From an Old Computer

Maybe you’ve got a bunch of old family photos that you’d like to see again. Maybe it’s a photo from an important event, like your child’s first steps, graduation, or wedding. Whatever it is, it’s likely that past you took the time to take a photo of this moment with an old camera or phone and upload it onto your computer. So, How to Rescue Your Photos From an Old Computer.

Here are the steps to get your old family photos off your retired Laptop to a new PC. Make sure your new PC is set up with Windows 10 and ready for photos before you start this project. Connecting two PCs with a network switch

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We’ve found a way for you to rescue your old photos. I’m going to show you how to use Google Photos and my six-step process to free up your hard drive and make all those memories accessible again. Let’s get started

How to Rescue Your Photos From an Old Computer

I’m willing to bet you have memories like this too, photos stashed away on old hard drives, or a laptop you haven’t used in years that’s collecting dust in the back of your closet. Like me, you probably took these photos before you had a smartphone. I would painstakingly download every photo from my digital camera to my laptop.

Method # 01

The easiest way to transfer photos from your laptop to the cloud is through Dropbox, OneDrive, Shutterfly, or Google Photos. Simply download the software and sign up for a free account. Then from your laptop, import your photos directly into the platform.

Method # 02

You may need to manually download and install the latest software updates for your old laptop first. Even if it’s been a few years since you’ve updated your operating system, there is a good chance you’ll be able to update your operating system to support a photo app.

Method # 03

Manually drag and drop photos into online cloud storage, such as Amazon Photos. There’s no software to download—just upload from your internet browser to the cloud.

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