How to Reboot a Laptop? – Tech Theeta Guide

There are many questions that come to your mind when you think about rebooting. What happens when a laptop is rebooted? How to reboot a Laptop?  Does rebooting remove all the data and files from the system? What are the benefits of rebooting a laptop? I am going to answer all your questions in this article.

How to Reboot a Laptop?

As we are using windows 10, 11, or above versions these days. So, we need to follow the following steps to reboot our laptop:

  • Click n the start menu of  your laptop
  • Select The power Icon

  • Click on the Restart icon

how to reboot a laptop

  • Your system starts restarting

Using the Power User Menu

This method is much faster than the above method.

  • Press Windows key and X (Windows +X) key at a time

Save Time with Win+X Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

  • Click on Shut Down or Sign Out

  • Click on the Restart icon



How to Reboot a Windows 7

  • Open the Start menu
  • Click on the arrow near the Shutdown button
  • Click the restart button

how to reboot a laptop

How to reboot a laptop when the system is stuck?

Sometimes our system screen is frozen and the mouse cannot work. You can use this method when you are facing this situation.

  • Press the ctrl+alt+delete button at a time from your keyboard
  • Find the Power Icon on the lower right corner
  • Click on the Restart icon

Hopefully, this guide helps you to get your problem resolved.

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