How to Print From a Samsung Tablet – Wireless and Bluetooth

With a Samsung Galaxy tablet, you can do everything from making a grocery shopping list to applying for a job at your local Target. Some Galaxy tablets even allow users to print documents from their devices. You can print by using a wireless network connection or Bluetooth. So, How to Print From a Samsung Tablet.

Most of the time we make notes on note-taking tablets. After that, we need to print these notes but we first transfer notes from tablet to Laptop then print them. Now here is the guide to print from the tablet.

How to Print From a Samsung Tablet

You can print by using your mobile or tablet. But make sure your printer supports wireless connections.

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Printer Side Setting

  • Turn on the wireless printer. If the printer is not already online, turn it on and connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

Tablet Side Setting

  • Connect Tablet to the same wireless network as the printer connected
  • Go to Tablet’s Settings
  • Tap Connections. It’s the first option at the top of the Settings menu
  • Tap More connection settings. It’s near the bottom of the Connection Settings menu
  • Tap Printing.
  • Tap a print plugin. You can tap Samsung Print Service Plugin to select the default Samsung print plugin, or Default Print Service to select the default Android print service
  • Turn the switch to the On position. Now you can print
  • Select the printer you want to add

Connect Using a Bluetooth Printer

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You can print by using BlueTooth

Printer Side Setting

  • Put your printer into Bluetooth pairing mode

Tablet Side Setting

  • Enable Bluetooth on your tablet
  • Select the Bluetooth printer on your tablet
  • Tap Connect on the tablet
  • Open the file you want to print
  • Tap the Sharing menu
  • Select Bluetooth from the menu
  • Tap the Bluetooth printer

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