How to Install Linux on the Laptop?

If you want to install Linux on your PC, but you don’t know how to install Linux on the laptop. It’s worth spending a little time finding the best method for you. We look at some of the options and how to do so. Depending on what you want to install, installing Linux can be straightforward or slightly complicated. As an engineering student, maybe you are using the best laptop for engineering students but your windows system is not stable. Then you need to install Linux on your laptop to run heavy software, programs , and simulations.

Requirements to install Linux on a computer or laptop

  • A suitable target device (the PC or laptop) – note that installing Linux is destructive to existing data on your computer, so a clean system is recommended
  • A downloaded Linux ISO file
  • Installation media (writable CD or DVD, or USB flash device)

Choose a Linux Operating System

Choose a Linux operating system. In the following instructions, you will install Linux on your computer in dual-boot mode alongside Windows 10. Various Linux operating systems (also known as “distros”) are available, including big names like Ubuntu and Mint, and smaller or newer OSs like Pop!_OS, Manjaro Linux, Fedora, and elementary OS.

How to Download Linux to Your PC

When you’ve selected a Linux or Unix operating system, you’ll be ready to download it to your computer. Most distros download as an ISO file, a disk image format that can be written to any CD, DVD, or USB. Most standard ISO files are around 2GB in size, so ensure you have the space on your computer.

Prepare Linux for Installation

If you’re using Windows 10 or macOS, the operating system is preinstalled. However, if you’re installing Linux, you’ll need to format installation media.

A similar process is required for installing Linux.

Windows 10 and macOS both make it easy to mount an ISO file in the operating system, enabling you to browse the contents of the disk image. However, writing the ISO file to your intended installation media is a little trickier, and requires a dedicated tool.

How to Install Linux on a Laptop

Installing Linux basically requires you to prompt your computer to boot from the installation media rather than the hard disk drive.

With your laptop computer switched off, connect the installation media, and boot the laptop. If the media is detected, you’ll be able to start the installation process (or boot Live mode, see below). This is a guided process, with steps for your region and location, connecting to wireless networking, and selecting a disk partition.

How to Install Linux on Your PC

Installing Linux on a desktop PC is very similar to installation on a laptop. There is arguably wider hardware support for desktops, but overall, the process is identical.

Installing Linux from a USB drive is usually straightforward. Whether your PC uses BIOS or UEFI, the first step is to insert the boot device and restart. If it doesn’t boot automatically into the OS installer, you may need to go into the BIOS/UEFI settings and change the boot order manually.

You’ve Installed Linux on Your Computer

“As you can see, installing Linux isn’t nearly as complicated as you might have thought. All it requires is a suitable target computer, the right Linux version, and suitable installation media.

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