How to Get Internet on Tablet Without Wifi? – 4 Different Methods

When it comes to the internet and applications, tablets are the first devices that come to one. We are all about convenience, comfort, and mobility, and relying on WIFI for internet access is a step in this direction. Now, even our cell phones rely on the wireless concept to provide us with internet access. Imagine you choose the best note-taking tablet for you to take notes on it. But there is no wifi and you think about how to get internet on a tablet without wifi because you want to connect internet now. What would you do now to open the app? There are many other ways that you can use to connect with the internet.

 Data Connection/Mobile Network

There are tabs available in the market that has a built/in support for a sim card. These tablets are unlocked and you can insert any carrier SIM card into such devices. The best part is, there are no additional wires or dongles that you need to carry around and have them attached to the tablet. So, you can just insert any SIM and turned on your Data Connection. 

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Use the Internet with Bluetooth Tethering

A great option with almost all smartphones and laptops. This method uses the internet connection from your phone or any other internet-enabled device and shares it with your tab through Bluetooth. This option is also known as Internet Tethering and is a great help for you if you are stuck in a tough situation and badly want to use the internet on your Tablet PC.

Use the Internet with Cable Tethering

Have you ever thought about how to get internet on a tablet without wifi because you want to connect the internet to your device?  If yes, then using the internet with cable tethering is a popular method to share the internet connection on your tablet with your PC or laptop. This is particularly handy when you are out on the move. You can share a wired internet connection from your PC onto your tablet. This make use of the Internet at any place where there is an active WIFI connection. It makes no difference if you are using an android or windows tablet. All that matters is whether the tablet supports this feature or not.

Use a dongle that supports ethernet cable

Dongles are physical hardware accessories that help you to add a set of features to your tablet. But if you are not using an OTG dongle and you have a tablet-like Samsung tab 8.4, then this kind of dongle can be very useful and helpful for the connectivity options available through the tablet. These are devices that are supported by ethernet over USB. This means that you need a dongle in order to connect your Ethernet Cable with your tablet device.

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