How to Get Google Play Store on Fire Tablet?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Amazon Fire, an Android-based tablet series that has made quite the name for itself in the world of tablets. Amazon Fire Tablets restrict you to the Amazon Appstore but run on Fire OS, a custom version of Android. But you may not know all of the secrets it contains. One, in particular, is that it can run all of your favorite Google apps with access to both the Play Store and Google Play Services. This means no more sacrificing your favorite apps for portability. You can have them all on this compact tablet. But the question is how to get google play store on fire tablet?

As we know, the google play store allows us to use millions of Apps on our tablets. Some people use laptops because their needs are differnt. They want to use the laptop for autocad. So, they find the Best laptop for Autocad. Most people like tablets because they provide excellent battery backup as compared to laptops. If After installing the google play store on our Amazon fire tablet. We can use these tablets like our normal tablets. For example, we want to animate on a fire tablet then we just need to install animation apps and use like animation tablet. In this way, we make the amazon fire tablet the best tablet for note-taking by choosing a suitable app for note-taking.

How to Get Google Play Store on Fire Tablet?

We make our amazon fire tablet compatible with the google play store by using the option of Apps from unknown sources. Here is a complete guide to doing this:

  • Open Setting option

Open "Settings" on the Home tab.

  • Go to Security & Privacy

Now go to "Security & Privacy."

  • Tap on Apps From Unknown Sources

Select "Apps From Unknown Sources."

  • Find Silk Browser and then toggle on Allow From This Source

Find "Silk Browser" and then toggle on "Allow From This Source."

Check which version of the files you need. There are two versions of the needed files: 64-bit versions and 32-bit versions. Which version you’ll download depends on your version of Fire OS.

  • If you’re on Fire OS 6 or newer, download the 64-bit files.
  • If you’re on Fire OS 5 or earlier, download the 32-bit files.


  • Open the Files app at the home screen

How to Get Google Play Store on Fire Tablet?

  • Select Download folder and install all APK files one by one

How to Get Google Play Store on Fire Tablet?

Note: Follow this and Install the files.

  4. com. android.vending


  • Reboot the Tablet
  • Signup Play store
  • Start installing Paly store apps and use as a normal tablet



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