How To Fix The Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

How To Fix The Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering: Easy way to repair

  1. Reattach the power jack while applying pressure.
  2. Attach heat shrinking tubes as reinforcement.
  3. Recheck the voltage, and it should appear.
  4. Reconnect and reassemble the laptop.

If you find your laptop charger is not working when it is bent or when rotated, the problem could be in the cable itself, the connector, or even the dc jack.

If you find that your laptop isn’t charging at all it’s generally easier to replace the entire cord rather than attempting to repair only a part of it.

Moreover, damaged DC jacks are not required to be proofed. Laptop chargers have very simple outputs, which can be checked easily. Ensure the output voltage lines up with the laptops by plugging it into a power source.

How Can You Fix The Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

Laptop chargers can sometimes be faulty, but this is a fact that does not always pertain to the root of the problem. The real question is how do you determine if it is your laptop or your charger that is having issues?

If you’ve found yourself on this page, you will learn how to repair a loose power jack for a laptop without having to solder.

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How To Fix Broken Laptop Power Jack

However, most laptops are closely integrated when it comes down to their relationship with the charging port, usually in the form of a soldering job. It might look like rocket science but in reality, it isn’t and here’s why:

How Charger Communicate with The Laptop Power Jack

It is common for laptop chargers to transfer signals between signals including GND and +VE. Other manufacturers such as Dell also include additional sense connectors in addition to the positive and negative connectors. As a result, the laptop jack contains three connections.

Identify the Actual problem

Certainly, not all laptop jacks are created equal and the result of a broken laptop cord can be very frustrating.

If your best pair of headphones or speakers only work when they’re connected to the right port in your laptop if any at all, you’re probably going to have a hard time diagnosing and solving the issue as there are so many similar-looking yet different DC jacks out there.

  • This power jack has damaged pins on the inside.
  • There is damage on both sides.
  • The DC-in jack produces a spark when connected.
  • There was no cover on the DC jack of the laptop.
  • There was a problem with the circuitry on the motherboard connecting the jack to the circuit.
  • A vibration is heard on the motherboard when the pins of the charger are connected.

Here’s an example of a DC or power jack that may be labeled on your system as “motherboard” “dc” “dc-in” or “pwr”.

We’re going to go through a list of problems with this device, before getting into how you can attempt to repair it yourself.

Tool Required to Fix The Laptop Power Jack

Although the steps involved may differ according to your particular problem, here is a general guide on how to repair a laptop power jack.

  • This package includes an AC adapter and accessories. You should make sure that all the accessories you use fit your laptop in terms of size and other factors.
  • Clamp, multimeter, and Some zipper
  • Communication tools for laptops
  • Wire stripper, iron, solder, and electrical straps
  • The sharpie bucket/highlighter bucket is empty. It is fine to reuse the tag, so don’t improvise here.
  • Hole puncher

Problem Relating to the Physical Damage

It is not possible to repair or replace a damaged laptop charger jack pin, only to replace the entire device.

There may even be suggestions to stick it, but I do not recommend it. In a loose connection, a replacement charger can’t deliver a constant current. Using the laptop for a long time can lead to damage to the motherboard or the charger plug pins.

When you want to disconnect the adapter from the motherboard, unscrew the screws located on the DC-IN jack and remove it.

However, be careful not to unplug any wiring otherwise this could cause damage to the board causing your computer not to start up properly.

If the issue is a DC jack corrupt with dirt or damage in some way, our team could physically examine that area for damaged parts and replace those if needed.

There are two methods of doing this: We can test it directly by plugging things into it or by examining its physical features.

Dc-in Jack Soldered On The Motherboard

Your next question is how laptop power jacks can be replaced. To replace the power jack on a laptop, you need to pay particular attention to the motherboard. This is a critical situation.

Moreover, your situation may arise when deciding the area or place for your business. First, you need to find a convenient place.

You can use dry welding and Zama welding in order to cope with these difficulties. After that, fix the pins by applying flux on them.

Furthermore, if you make the wrong connections when reassembling your laptop, the computer won’t be able to work.

This kind of repair requires certain skill sets and is beyond most people’s expertise. If the connection between your speakers and your motherboard has been burned, you’ll need to solder the track wires directly from the jack pins in the speaker directly to the track on your motherboard itself.

Using hot glue or epoxy is effective in preventing the damage from recurring. Connecting the adapter to the motherboard ensures a rugged connection between the components. To avoid burning, use a thick copper cable and prevent any adhesive from entering the DC-IN connector.

Dc-in Jack Has A Separate Connector For The Motherboard

To connect the adapter to the AC jack, you must first disconnect the connector of the jack from the motherboard. Make sure that the voltage is not at the expected level on the power jack.

To correct this, it’s important to find the faulty wiring, which you can trace using a multimeter. Check the DC jack connector where the terminal has now been properly soldered and attached.

You can also protect your device with heat shrink tubing to prevent any future wiring issues in this location.

Now reconnect the system, and see if there’s an improvement with your laptop’s battery. Put everything back together by placing all components in their proper location on or inside your PC or device housing cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Laptop is Plugged in but not Charging, What do I do?

Many times, a laptop won’t run without the battery but instead only uses an AC adapter. This could be due to a severely damaged battery. You might need to replace your battery when you plug in your laptop and all it does is play music or make noise as if it were in sleep mode.

How Can I Solder the DC Power Jack?

A DC jack requires a lot of soldering and can be quite a tricky task to do by yourself. If you’re looking to install a DC jack on your own, you can solder the wires directly to the motherboard according to the diagram in this section. If you need help installing one, consider contacting an electronics expert and always check your work with multiple sources to confirm it’s correct.

What I Do If my Laptop has a DC Jack with a motherboard connector?

in order to connect an external DC jack to the motherboard, one simply has to follow the same set of directions used to add in a new device, How To Fix The Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering such as a hard disk drive.

Can I charge my laptop with any available charger?

Computer chargers are a very important factor when it comes to managing your power sources as they manage to access the number of charges for your machine. If you choose the wrong one, there’s always a risk of frying hard drives and crashing systems; so it’s extremely important to know what you’re doing.

The way I look at it, there should be more chargers who have all the same universal connector sizing and ratings. While it would probably not work out in some cases.

Can I know if my Charging Port is damaged?

You can sometimes see it from outside. How To Fix The Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering A power pin inserted into the DC jack incorrectly or damaged central pins due to wear-and-tear can cause damage to the charger port. In order to inspect your laptop thoroughly, it must first be taken apart.


I hope you found these tips and solution steps extremely useful as you know how helpful it is to solve this problem without soldering.

When I got stuck on this particular question, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure it out. In this article, we explain how you can solve this problem for a very low price with some welding.

You may also comment with any questions you may have or would like to share your own experience that visitors might find interesting.

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