How to Fix the Buzzing Sound in Any Laptop

5 Easy Ways to Fix Speaker Buzzing Sound

  1. Troubleshoot the hardware problem
  2. Break the electrical ground loop
  3. Avoid frequency interference
  4. Update your audio driver
  5. Configure audio settings in computer

If you hear a buzzing sound when you start up your laptop it’s probably because you aren’t using as much of your energy as possible.

High-intensity activities like gaming or working on a project can result in high amounts of power that make your laptop feel warm to the touch.

Sweat and oils may be just touching the screen.” High-energy laptops are becoming more common, but they’re also becoming more expensive so if you want to prevent excess noise from coming out of your laptop, we have the solution for you.

How to fix the buzzing sound

In order to eliminate the buzzing sound, you need to know how to adjust power. You also need to know how to use your laptop.

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The best way to fix the buzzing sound is by learning how to adjust power properly on a laptop so don’t worry if you’re not very familiar with technology or working on a specialty computer.

When you’re using your laptop for high-energy activities, if you use it as a monitor or if you watch movies or video games on it, the energy from all of this can cause a “smear” effect.

The smearing is caused by chemicals surrounding the screen from sweat or oil coming into contact with the screen.

To fix this, power your laptop down and then gently wipes off both sides of the screen with a dry cloth. If that doesn’t work, call customer service and ask for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).

Troubleshooting high-energy laptops

If you’re not using all of your laptop power, you may feel the buzzing sound. This is usually caused by moisture and oils coming in contact with the screen.

Some drivers may be causing the buzz. Look for and uninstall the drivers that are causing the buzz.

Once you have all of the drivers deleted from your computer, start your laptop in the traditional way- with no screens or fasts. It’s important to let your laptop cool down before finish this post.

How to make your laptop feel quiet

If you’re looking for a new portable computer, start by ensuring your chosen model has the latest tech.

While machine battery capacities usually range from 9-18 hours depending on talk time and usage (a problem if you’re planning to work straight through) most new portable computers come with external power options such as power banks that let you charge while on the go.

Just make sure your device is all charged up and ready to go before setting out, otherwise it might slow you down more than intended.

On the other hand, one can try to use more power if there is still something to be done. The answer may depend on your device and application.

For example, if you’re using the computer for gaming, use a higher wattage battery. If, however, you’re using all of your battery power for gaming, it may be time to shut off your computer and do something else while charging it.

Guide for anyone looking to fix buzzing sounds

If you’re not using all of your laptop power, your laptop may feel warm to the touch and be caused by sweat and oils coming in contact with the screen.

If this happens, the causes are high energy levels and spent more than necessary. To resolve the problem of high-energy laptops buzzing sound, we have a guide to fix high energy laptops now, we will help you solve this problem without any prior experience.

Warning for people who are struggling with fixing the buzzing sound

If your laptop is making a buzzing sound and you’re finding it impossible to remove, the first step would be to rethink how you are powering your computer.

There are times generally where we don’t have an outlet with us to keep supplying that burst of energy needed to keep our computers working smoothly day in and day out.

It may be worth investing in one of those portable power packs (for laptops) which can provide that impactful burst of energy when no wall outlet is available for you to use.


If you’re having any issues with your laptop’s buzzing sound, you’re not alone. Many people are struggling to solve the issue because the energy from the sound can be a little annoying at times.

It’s important to know how to fix the buzzing sound so it doesn’t become a common issue. You can use these tips to help and then get back to enjoying your favorite tunes played at high volumes.

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