How to Fix Drawing Tablet Scratches [2022 Guide]

I’ve noticed that pretty much all drawing tablets and graphics tablets will get scratched. Surfaces of drawing tablets vary slightly but the majority are plastic, with a thin coat of smooth plastic over the top. This is the surface you draw on. Generally, this top layer is used to create the low friction needed for a pen to glide over it. It’s made of different materials depending on the type of technology involved. It can sometimes be hard-wearing. Don’t worry! Here we’ll look at the importance of Scratch Resistant displays, how to fix drawing tablet scratches as well as whether or not it can be prevented.

How to Fix Drawing Tablet Scratches

Scratches on a drawing tablet are normal and can occur with regular usage. They are most likely to occur due to a dirty nib, hand or screen surface, pressing too hard with the pen, or by using a worn nib. Generally, light scuffs and scratches are not something to be concerned about. Deep scratches only become problematic when they impede proper use of the tablet’s surface. It causes your nib to catch as you write or draw.

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Wipe with a slightly moist microfiber cloth

Wipe with a slightly moist microfiber cloth. Light scuffs are easier to remove than deep scratches. These can sometimes be removed in this way, especially if they are caused by plastic residue from a pen nib. Nibs wear down to protect the surface of the tablet which is why they are a replaceable consumable item.

Replace the drawing surface

The best way for you to replace the drawing surface of your best Animation tablet and return it to the Company. they will repair it, clean up the top surface of the tablet and add an additional 1-year warranty to the repaired product. Please note that we need you to provide your order numbers and a description of your issue so that we can check if it can be repaired under our 1-year warranty.

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How to Fix Drawing Tablet Scratches by using Buffing

You must be careful if you decide to try such methods at your best note taking tablets or drawing tablets. This is certainly not our experience and we do not recommend such aggressive buffing methods. However, during the repair process, I did find that some users reported some degree of success in buffing out superficial scratches with fine sandpaper or alternatively toothpaste and fine cloth, but only as a last resort. So proceed with caution!

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