How To Fix Broken Laptop Power Jack

How To Fix Broken Laptop Power Jack, have you got the broken laptop power jack? No worries, we’re here to help. Just read through this. Given their portability, laptops are especially vulnerable to environmental variables.

Six innovative techniques for fixing your laptop quickly, several of them without soldering it at all. And c’mon – fixing a laptop isn’t rocket science.

No matter how hard we try, our mobile devices will eventually face the effect of gravity. One might even be incredibly clumsy and suffer the wrath of unfortunate accidents. Laptops are equally vulnerable to missing pixels or ugly scratches when one is not careful.

As a notebook expert all over the UK, I Repairer definitely knows that getting a laptop repair company like ours can help your PC get back on track immediately and for a much lower cost too.

It takes a few common tools, spare components and some elbow grease, but some of these fixes are no more difficult than a 7th grade art project.

However, it’s becoming increasingly common to use technology that makes repairing hard drives, motherboards and other components difficult – especially when there are no screws visible.

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How To Fix The Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

It’s important to do your research when it comes to finding the necessary spare parts for your project, especially for power adapters or fans.

While these parts may look nearly identical, their service isn’t.  Power specifications must be kept in mind and cost effectiveness is also important to consider. Certain brands carry better quality parts that are also more durable and longer lasting.


A properly functioning power jack can give your laptop a constant stream of electricity. It’s critical to keep the wires clean and intact, unless you risk damaging critical electronics in your machine.


Laptops are electronic devices that depend on electricity. If this power does not work properly, and you can’t get your laptop to charge at all, the DC connector might be broken. Make sure your charger is working – try plugging it into another laptop or wall outlet.

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Then, turn on the laptop. If you get power for a moment but the battery still does not charge, this may mean the DC connector is broken.


It’s an early warning indication that something bad is about to happen. When a DC power jack becomes loose, it can no longer fit properly or move.

How To Fix Broken Laptop Power Jack As a result, you’ll need to angle your power cord if you want to charge your device, putting strain on both the charging cable and the cradle.


  1. Sharpie or highlighter barrels are both empty.
  2. Electrical connection tapes
  3. To keep everything together, zip links were used.
  4. Multimeter and Pliers
  5. Soldering iron and solder
  6. Wire strippers and other tools (for the AC on the laptop)

Boring holes can be done with a drilling tool apparatus (or any other instruments that are used for boring holes and can hold the barrel in position)


  • A barrel with two holes must be prepared first. Remove the ink holder portion and the marker’s tip to do so.
  • Make a hole on the opposite side of the marker barrel, and that’s all there is to it.
  • Preparing the cables is the next move. It entails severing the laptop cable. We’re dealing with two types of AC adapters in this case: a generic AC adapter and a laptop AC adapter. AC Adapter (Generic)
  • Cut the cord from the generic adapter to the length required. You want to make sure the cord isn’t too short or too long.
  • Attach the cord you prepared earlier into the barrel.
  • You will need to strip the wires to reveal them.
  • AC Adapter for Laptop
  • Reduce the size of the cord that needs to be replaced by cutting it.

In the tip of the marker, insert the cable. Leave about a quarter-inch uncovered to serve as a socket for inserting wires later on.

To repair the power jack, connect the two cords together. It’s an important move and you need to watch for openings so that it doesn’t end up blowing out in your face later on in life when you least expect it. You need to use a multimeter to double-check that you’re working with the right wires.

Double-check that the barrel has been screwed on tightly after following the preceding steps. If wires seem to have torn during assembly, check to see if they are properly joined together using zip ties. The zip ties prevent the wires from being accidentally pulled out of the power source.


Take your time opening up your laptop and make sure to spread the screws out before you start if there are any that fall out.

As with any electronic, there is always a or two behind something we don’t expect. That’s why it’s important to open up the laptop in the correct order starting slowly (as with anything, pay close attention when removing parts) to ensure that you’re not accidentally undoing something critical or just wasting time at this point.

Once unboxed, How To Fix Broken Laptop Power Jack look for the laptop power socket and check on it with care. There are two main scenarios here:

It is always best to take more time when opening your laptop because there are screws everywhere. Please make certain that the screws are ordered properly.

Make sure you look for the laptop power socket and observe it before reassembling the device after fixing it, leaving no room for mistakes. There are two main scenarios:

Second, repairing a laptop takes a long time because it needs what can be described as a great deal of effort, knowledge and the use of specialized equipment. One has to first remove the motherboard’s damaged power jack

It’s always best to make sure you have your replacement part prior to beginning any repair or disassembly, for example.

Double check before placing your order that it will be the correct one – otherwise, getting started on the repair may take longer than anticipated and unwanted confusion might prompt you to leave and find another company who can do the service more quickly.

When you get the part, carefully align the legs of the power jack with the motherboard floor and solder the power jack using a soldering iron, being cautious not to let your solder touch any other pads on the motherboard.

When you’ve soldered everything up, you should put everything back together and seal it up. Now turn on your laptop and plug in the power adapter to see if it will charge normally. If the charging icon shows up alongside other icons displayed on the screen, everything has worked perfectly and your laptop power jack is fixed.

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