How to Connect Tablet to Laptop- 4 Easy Methods

Connecting a tablet to your computer is one of the best ways to maximize productivity in home and office settings. This guide will teach you how to connect tablet to a Laptop or macOS computer.  You can connect by using USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The post also includes advice on how you can use your device as an input device and a second monitor. While most people know how to connect an iPad or Android tablet to a Windows or macOS computer through the default method, there are many different ways of connecting a tablet to a laptop computer.

Most of the time you need to transfer data like pictures, drawings, videos, or even notes to your laptop from a tablet. Imagine, you are animating on your best animation tablet and creating a beautiful drawing. After creation, you want to transfer this drawing to your laptop to save it in your gallery. But you don’t have a transfer cable. So, here are 4 easy methods to do this:

How to connect Tablet to Laptop by using Cable

You can connect the tablet to the computer with a USB cable. Use the charging cable that came with your tablet or one that’s compatible.

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  • Plugin your USB cable in your laptop port
  • Plugin another side of the cable in your Tablet
  • You can get notifications on your both laptop and tablet and your tablet shows on your laptop as a drive.
  • Now you are able to transfer data from tablet to laptop and vice versa

Connect an Android Tablet with a Cable to MackBook

  • Install Android File Transfer on your Mac. You’ll need this free application to be able to browse and access files on your Android from your Mac
  • Connect the tablet to the computer with a USB cable
  • Open Android File Transfer on your Mac. It’s in the Applications folder.
  • Tap the notification on the tablet. A list of connection options will appear.
  • Tap Media Device. This allows you to transfer files between your computer and tablet.

How to Connect an Android Tablet to Laptop over Wi-Fi

You can do this by installing any data-sharing app like Shareit or Zapya. Here is the process:

  • Install Shareit on your Both Laptop and tablet
  • Open SHAREit on your laptop and tablet. It’s in the All Apps area of the Start menu in Windows, and in the Applications folder in macOS.
  • Tap Receive on the tablet. It’s at the top of the screen (If you want to get data from laptop to tablet)
  • TapConnect PC on the Android.
  • Now you are able to share files from one device to other and vice versa

How to Connect an iPad with a Cable

  • Install iTunes. If you’re using a Mac, you already have iTunes installed
  • Connect the iPad to the computer using the USB cable
  • Tap Truston the iPad
  • Click the iPad button in iTunes


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