How to Clear Cookies on Tablet – Android, IOS and Chrome

Cookies are the basic information of websites/stores in browsers. This information includes Login, passwords, and website preferences. Sometimes, we need to clear cookies to resolve many issues including trouble when browsing your library website, signing in, or downloading titles. Now the question is How to Clear Cookies on Tablet? Either you are using the tablet for animation or you are using the tablet for note taking. Either, you are using an Android tablet or IOS. You need to clear cookies on all devices.

What Are Browser Cookies?

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When we will visit a website it will remember some information like Login, passwords, and website preferences, which it stores in your browser’s cookies and site data. Things like passwords and user settings can be saved so it’s easy to use the site the next time you visit it. However, this data can add up and you may feel the need to clear it.

Steps to clear from Android

  • Android browser:
  • Go to Menu 
  • Go to More 
  • Open Settings
  • Go to Privacy & Security

Steps to clear from iOS

  1. From the home screen
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Go to Safari
  4. Toward the bottom of Safari’s settings screen, tap the button for Clear History and Website Data, then tap Clear History and Data to confirm.

Steps to clear from Chrome

  • Open your Browser  (Chrome, Firefox )
  • Click on the 3 dots that appear on the top right
  • Go to setting
  • Go to Privacy and Security
  • Clear Cookies and other site data

Hopefully, this guide helps you a lot and you got your answer to How to Clear Cookies on Tablet?

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