How to Clean the Laptop Keyboard? – 4 Easy Ways to Clean

There are plenty of reasons you might need to clean your laptop keyboard. Dust, crumbs, and pet hair can lead to all sorts of problems, from sticky keys to outright failure, depending on what gets stuck inside. And if you’re feeling under the weather or happen to share a device with other members of your household. You should know how to clean the laptop keyboard and properly disinfect your laptop. It will help to stave off illness as well.

There are a lot of germs especially when someone using a laptop on open sites. As we know, civil engineers work on construction sites and there are a lot of gems on their engineering work laptops.

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard

First of all, you need to unplug your laptop from the charger and also shut down your laptop to secure it from any damage. Now put your laptop in your hand and gently shake it to remove little dust particles from the keyboard. Remember, the direction of the keyboard must be downward.

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Clean with spray and compressed Air

You can also clean your laptop keyboard with the help of cleaning spray and compressed air. Make sure the straw is attached to the can of compressed air before you use it. Tilt the keyboard to one side and spray between the keys in short bursts, moving from one side of the keyboard to the other. The force of the air will dislodge any debris that’s trapped between and beneath the keys.

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Clean Laptop Keyboard with Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning your keyboard doesn’t need to be a major ordeal. Wipe down the keys with a damp microfiber cloth. Microfiber is great at attracting dust, so a quick swipe over the keys can help remove some of the grime that has built up on your keyboard.

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Disinfect and Remove Smudges

Next, clean the surface of the keyboard itself to eliminate germs, smudges, and stains. First, use a disinfectant wipe to wipe down everything. Do not spray water or any cleaning liquids directly on the keyboard. Next, go over everything with a damp microfiber cloth.

How to Clean Your Laptop


Hopefully, this guide will help you a lot to clean and disinfect your laptop keyboard.


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