How to Clean Laptop Screen, Keyboard, and Hardware?

How to Clean Laptop Screen, whether you own a powerful laptop with an Intel i9 or one that costs less than $700, your machine needs to be cleaned.

Even the ones in a dust-free environment might look clean but we could bet that it has seen better days.

When it comes to laptops, the 2 major areas that need cleaning regularly include the screen and the keyboard.

It’s worth cleaning them from a clean cloth because even if you can see from a distance that there’s no dust residing on your laptop’s surface (or is there?), there will always be minute dirt particles clinging to the cracks of your laptop’s keyboard or display just waiting to make you sick.

In fact, many of us have the habit of eating while working on a laptop or even watching movies.

You may not realize it when you are busy doing the activities, but all the particles get accumulated below the keyboards keys and it might seem like nothing is wrong with your keyboard until you discover that some letters do not work or keys get stuck when pressed.

Your computer is the same as your car. You need to take a much-needed break from it once in a while — or clean off the inside if you will Sometimes there can be so much built up dust and debris that it slows things down and even causes injury if not cleaned out.

Make sure you give your machine some time away from work to relax every so often — spend time away with family, go outside, etc., that way it’s more fun when you get back to it later.

Cleaning the Laptop Screen

Turn off your System and unplug it

Before you can even start with the process of cleaning, you need to disconnect all your devices including cellphones and such.

Make sure you save all your tasks and files and shut down the system for more optimality when it comes to cleaning.

One needs to take care of their laptop by making sure its battery does not die or overheat. It is important to take the laptop off of the charging stand and turn it off when not intended for use.

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Get a moist cloth or a Cleaning Kit for the Screen

Now, either you can go beneath your wardrobe to grab a clean cloth or for better results you can use online shopping sites such as where there are numerous screen cleaners which have received excellent reviews and worked like a charm for users all over the world.

One of the most famous screen cleaners based on its stellar review rating is The Screen Mom by Screen Cleaner Kit.

There’s a spray and a cloth to clean your screen. Be careful not to use water to clean the screen because you could damage the laptop’s LCD screen, which is extra delicate.

Wipe of the Screen

All you need to do is spray your phone’s screen with a damp cloth and remove the dust particles. If you have a spray cleaner, use that instead since the cloth may not be enough for the job.

Also, for the most part, using a cleaner is a necessary step every time. For example, ideally you would only need to clean your screen once in a week for optimal viewing.

Cleaning the Keyboard

For example, it’s a good idea to clean the keyboard too. There are many different ways to clean keyboards, How to Clean Laptop Screen and all of them can be found online.

Disconnect the Laptop from charging

To get rid of any shocks or to avoid work being ruined. It is important to unplug the devices connected to the laptop such as the charger, for example. If you are using an external keyboard and mouse, simply unplug them and clean them carefully.

As anyone who has ever spilled a drink on their laptop knows, delicate electronic devices need to be handled with care.

If the keys get loose, or if anything else happens to cause damage, you have an excellent warranty policy in place and you can get it fixed for minimal cost.

Get a keyboard cleaner

To keep your computer in tip-top shape, a great way to start is with something simple like keeping it dusted and vacuuming out built-up dust and dirt.

A mini battery vacuum cleaner can work wonders on laptops to ensure they’re working at maximum performance while keeping them much cleaner than ever before.

It may sound a little excessive to be cleaning the inside of your laptop, but the difference these simple steps can make is amazing for anyone who takes their laptop seriously.

In addition to buying and using a keyboard cleaner, yet another option is purchasing a specialized keyboard cleaning brush.

This particular brush is made for cleaning crumbs, dirt and dust from your computer keys. You can use this “miracle” brush on any type of keyboard – the model featured in the picture seems especially geared towards those with laptops because it short enough to be able to fit inside.

Clean the Keyboard

Your product is now ready for use. And to be on the safe side, it may be a good idea to turn your laptop upside down and give it a few pats on the back.

This will hopefully ensure that any particles that may have accumulated in the keyboards buttons are removed for a safer and better user experience.

Next, use a vacuum cleaner that has rotating brushes to help lift the dust and dirt from your keyboard. It’s not very powerful, but instead relies on microfiber cleaning cloths attached to it – so it needs to be charged using a computer or other adapter that plugs in.

Moreover, if you decide to go with the Cleaning Brush accessory instead, you can easily clean the bordering areas of each key by simply using it like a scrub brush.

Clean the Outside Panels

Making a laptop shine again isn’t a job that should be taken lightly. How to Clean Laptop Screen Your computer needs your love and attention to stay clean and in good condition.

So what you really need is someone who knows how to handle it delicately, maybe someone who has been doing this for a while?

The good news is that there are a number of ways to tackle the cleaning. We recommend using a cloth or microfiber cleaning cloth because a lot of times, these can perform better than an alcohol wipe, especially when it comes to intricate and inherently small places like around your monitor.

If you don’t have any of these on hand, you can always use the moistened wipes that contain alcohol which has been proven by many other users to be effective for getting rid of all those germs.

All you need to do is grab some wipes and quickly wipe down your device’s screen. You won’t believe how much better it looks immediately after.

How To Clean Laptop’s Hardware (Internally)

Cleaning the hardware of a laptop is definitely not for everyone. There are certain delicate components that require someone with specialist knowledge or experience to work with. Be cautious and make sure you know what you’re doing before getting stuck into the challenge yourself.

Open the panel and Disconnect Components

First of all, if your laptop is part of this century by and large it will open right up on its own, assuming you have the right screwdrivers to work with it.

Remove all screws and open the back panel. How to Clean Laptop Screen Lift laptop, disconnect the touchpad and keyboard very carefully.

Use a small Vacuum Cleaner or Compressed Can Air

To ensure that you laptop stays functioning, clean the inside of it once a week. I like to use a small vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dust inside the cooling fan.

As of now, many don’t seem to be interested in using a can of compressed air, even though they can be found on Amazon.

The product has to be self-sufficient at this stage as it doesn’t require any electricity to operate its internal mechanism that cleans the machine. One can charge the battery inside it and use the device once per month.

This vacuum cleaner could be held in your hand and used for desktop computers, How to Clean Laptop Screen laptops and other machines.

Clean the Hardware components

The first step to removing dust and debris from the internal keyboard and other components would be to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment on both the internal keyboard as well as any internal components that need cleaning.

The next step is to simply blow out any remaining dust with your mouth or from an air source like a fan.

You can choose to use home vacuum cleaners and some experts would say that it’s not necessary.

Using a vacuum cleaner would loosen the dirt stuck in and around the ports, which could have been cleaned off simply by gently tapping them or using a screwdriver. If you do this while using a vacuum, one might cause more damage than good.

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If you are unable to open your laptop, don’t worry! You can do the next best thing and blow air into the cooling vents on your laptops.

Or from the ports provided on our side piece of the laptop. It will not entirely clean it but work just fine.


Hopefully, you already have all the necessary tools on hand as well as a clear idea of what chemicals should be used most frequently and which can be used only in certain situations.

Never use water to clean your screen or your keyboard. Even though it might seem like a good idea (because they’re both wet and covered in dirty!).

Water will actually leave marks on an LCD screen and may also damage sensitive computer keys. So, it’s best to never put yourself in this situation no matter how silly you think trying to wash your computer is.

If you are not comfortable with utilizing any type of liquid or a spray, utilizing a cloth will suffice the task for you. Also, How to Clean Laptop Screen try to clean your laptop more often so that it can last longer than usual.

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