How to Clean Laptop fan? – Two Easy Methods

Most of the laptops depend on their fans to cool down. As we know, there are lots of circuits working in laptops. These circuits produce heat after processing. We need to cool down these circuits to avoid overheating by using a cooling fan. This cooling system helps the laptop to work properly. After some time this fan these fans become clogged with dust. This causes the processor to not cool properly and malfunction. We need to clean these fans properly but we don’t know how to clean the laptop fan.

There are many ways to clean a laptop fan and we are going to discuss all of them  here:

How to Clean Laptop fan with Compressed Air

This is a very easy method. this method is recommended for those who don’t know much about hardware and want to clean fans.  In this method, you can just but can of compressed air and use it on your laptop fan without removing hardware. These cans are usually inexpensive and available at most stores that sell computers and, in some cases, even pharmacies or dollar stores.  You can just put your laptop down and apply air can on it.
How to Clean a Laptop Fan


How to Clean by removing hardware?

Here are the brief steps to do this:

  • Unplug the laptop from the power
  • Remove battery
  • Put your laptop on the table
  • Remove Bottom pannel (Make sure you are using the right tool to remove nuts)
  • Remove the fan from your laptop
  • Clean it with the help of a soft cloth
  • Wipe the vents on the inside of the laptop with the cloth
  • Try to remove dust from the bottom of the fan
  • Put the fan in its place gently
  • Insert bottom panel
  • Plugin battery and your laptop is ready to use

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Note: Don’t try the second method if you are not familiar with laptop hardware. There are lots of small circuits that we need to plug out and plugin during this process. Maybe, you can destroy your device if you are not familiar.

Hopefully, you like this guide.

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