How to Clean Drawing Tablet? – Tech Theeta Guide 2022

Most people use drawing tablets nowadays. You may be using the Best drawing tablet for note-taking or the best drawing tablet for animation. It will not be best anymore if you can not clean your tablet because cleaning makes your device more friendly. As a digital artist, you’ll want to keep your drawing tablet sanitary and clean. But the question is this, do you know How to Clean Drawing Tablet?

Cleaning a drawing tablet is important because it can interfere with the pen pressure sensitivity and sometimes draw strokes that are different than originally intended. I tested 5 cleaning methods to clean my animation tablet and took detailed notes.

How to Clean Drawing Tablet

I am writing a detailed guide on how to clean a drawing tablet. You will be able to clean your tablet without any damage after reading this guide. Here are the steps:

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Unplug all the devices

You need to take away all the power cables and plug-in cords.  Your tablet shouldn’t be turned on when you are cleaning it.

Get a clean anti-static microfiber cloth

An antistatic microfiber cloth is a piece of cloth used to clean glass lenses. Its primary use is in optics and electronics cleaning. These pieces of cloth are soft and don’t conduct any charge making them safe to use on your tablet. For a geek like you, there are numerous benefits to using this tool including the following twelve:

Dampen your cloth

Dampen, don’t soak! The last thing you want to do is keep soaking your cloth and fretting at the damage it’s doing. Just dampen it a little and use that instead.

Wiping time

With your damp cloth, gently but firmly clean your tablet with circular motions. The tablet surface is neither wooden nor metal. It’s either glass or plastic so treat it nicely. Use gentle strokes sparingly and take care of the products you love. Soft-touch and a little bit of water can bring a tablet back to life pretty quickly.

Disinfecting your tablet

To disinfect your drawing tablet, you can use alcohol but not just any type of alcohol. The recommended is 70% or 75% isopropyl alcohol. Disinfecting your tablet is perfect for artists or those who have their hands touch their tablet a lot. It reduces the risk of getting any skin infections or even flu or allergies because of bacteria or viruses that might get on your skin.

Let it dry

When you’re done, you just leave it to dry in the open air. Not outside under the scorching sun or the freezing winter but at normal room temperature

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