How to Cast a Zoom Meeting to a TV

How to Cast a Zoom Meeting to a TV, without a doubt, Zoom is one of the most convenient pieces of software we have today. The ability to jump from chat to video calls or prepare for your presentation has its advantages.

But prolonged use can be tiring – whether it’s from looking at your PC or phone screen for too long, getting eye strain from the small screen, or experiencing strains on your hands from holding it out.

If you have a team and want to show a presentation to everyone on a larger screen, this may be ideal for you. Or perhaps you simply want to watch a movie from your computer on your television but doing so can be cumbersome.

If either of these situations sounds like something that’s happened to you before, turning to ZRoku could very well be the answer for you.

Roku allows you to cast everything happening on your smartphone or computer onto an HDTV or other HDMI-compatible display device through Roku channels such as YouTube, Bloomberg, Vimeo and so many more.

We decided to make things simple and put together a step-by-step guide where we show you how to connect Zoom to TV wired and wirelessly whether you use an iPhone, Android device, or computer.

What you need to cast a Zoom meeting to a TV

When you want to connect your TV to a device, there are different setups depending on the brand and make of your TV.

The good news is that to cast Zoom to your TV successfully, you don’t need a whole armory of software or tools. If you have a laptop or a computer, an HDMI cable will do just fine.

If you hope to run Zoom from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you’ll need a TV that supports Airplay or an Apple TV. Sony and Samsung Smart TVs let you cast Zoom from Mac to TV.

Chromecast works best with computers, laptops (Windows or Mac), and Android devices.

Besides that, you’ll have to go through your device’s settings. But don’t worry – we at Laptop251 have you covered! There isn’t anything complicated involved. This is an easy task for anyone who uses a computer.

Listed below are step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions on how to connect with the TV and begin projecting.

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How to cast a Zoom meeting to a TV with Chromecast 

As Chrome users, we’ve found the built-in casting option to be the easiest and foremost straightforward way of mirroring live presentations and tutorials on our screens.

It has worked out especially well for us during significantly long lectures or workshops and even longer hands-on training sessions, as it lets your audience follow along on their own devices by syncing up with your account.

Nowadays, it seems like a lot of people are using Chrome OS devices which also work when mirroring content from your account or profile through the use of a Cast Extension app you can add there; test it out if you haven’t already.

You will need a Chrome-enabled device as well as a television that has Google Chromecast functionality. This will allow you to watch Zoom meetings on your TV. Here’s how to use it to attend Zoom meetings on your TV.

Make sure both Google Chrome and Zoom are open.

Connect your PC/Mac and your TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of Chrome’s header.

Select Cast.

Select the device you want to cast to.

Pick “Cast Desktop”.

Choose Between ‘Your Entire Screen’ and ‘Application Window.’

Enjoy your meeting. Remember – the camera is recording this. (you can also get a separate webcam for Zoom that you can put on the TV)

If you have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad – How You Can cast a Zoom meeting to a TV with Apple TV

Apple TV devices are present in over 20 million homes in the US. Not only do they provide quality entertainment, but these devices can also help you air your meetings to your TV. Here’s how to air your meetings on Apple TV HD.

Connect your Mac/iPhone/iPad to the same network as your Apple TV or Air-Play compatible TVs.

If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, enter the ‘Control Center’.

Tap ‘Screen Mirroring’. Select the room you want to cast from the drop-down list.

Enter the passcode that appears in the Zoom Room into your iPhone or iPad, casting will begin right away.

For Macs, open ‘Screen Mirroring’ from the Apple Menu. Then, click on the name of your Zoom room to start casting.

Provide a Passcode for your Apple TV device. It will appear on the Zoom room screen.

If you have an Android – How You Can cast Zoom to Roku

To start casting your phone to a TV via Roku, you need to ensure that both your smartphone and Roku are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Additionally, you’ll need a Roku Streaming Stick+, as well as the Roku app on your Android smartphone.

Connect to a Zoom meeting in the Zoom app for Android, just like you normally would.

Go to Android settings and search for ‘Smart View’. Open it and enable it.

Pick your Roku device from the list.

Select ‘Start Now’.

Return to your app and position the screen on your laptop or desktop in landscape mode. Voila! You have your Zoom to TV cast.

How to cast Zoom meeting to TV from a laptop using an HDMI cable

Even though Chromecast and Apple TV have become more popular in recent years, using an HDMI cable to get Zoom for TV on the big screen is still the easiest of all. The only thing you need is an HDMI-compatible television with a compatible remote.

Every Mac has an HDMI port. Every PC and laptop has at least one port, whether it’s VGA, DVI, an Ethernet port, or even Firewire which is now known as IEEE 1394. Port locations also vary: on a laptop for instance you might find them on the left or right sides.

You can either use a DVI-HDMI cable if the monitor has that input or use an adapter for Ethernet firewire or USB.

Once you’ve connected the cable from your laptop to the TV, simply turn on the TV and switch over to the channel you plugged your laptop into. You then should find Zoom appear on the big screen just as it would appear on your laptop.

When you’re done watching TV and are ready to call it a night, unplug the cable from the back of your television. By simply adjusting the source on your television, you can go back to watching TV as you did before.

How You Can cast a Zoom meeting to a Smart TV

While Smart TVs are nearly ubiquitous, very few manufacturers enable Airplay. Samsung, Sony Vision, LG, and Sony are the only companies whose smart TVs currently support the Apple standard.

If you own a newer model, the Zoom meeting will display without lag and on a bigger screen in crisp quality.

If an HDMI is used, there are zero settings or configuration changes needed for connection purposes. The cable only needs to be plugged in and plugged into the TV to display video quality from your computer onto the television.


There are many reasons to cast a Zoom meeting to TV. First of all, it reduces the amount of strain on your eyes – this is especially important for long presentations where you don’t need your laptop’s camera turned on.

Or if you want to give yourself and others some much-needed downtime, taking your work laptop and having a cuddle on the couch while watching the presentation can be not only restful but also one of the best ways to keep focused.

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