How to a Charge Laptop With HDMI?

Fortunately, you can still charge up your laptop without a charger. This trick is about how to charge a laptop with HDMI. The best thing is that this method won’t charge the computer just enough for it to work properly. In plain words, it charges your battery completely. Now let’s check this out!

Although HDMI cable is not for charging but for multimedia use but can use it for charging if you do not have any other option. For example, you are an engineering student having the best laptop for engineering students and using tools like Autocad on your laptop. You need to charge your laptop but the charger is not available and you have the only option to charge with the Hdmi. Then how to charge a laptop with HDMI? In this case, you have a few ways to make it. It’s actually possible to charge your laptop without a traditional power cable if you are in an emergency situation and find yourself without a charger.

How to Charge a Laptop with HDMI

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  • Check that your laptop has a USB Type-C port or not
  • Then take your HDMI adapter cable
  • You must have an adapter or connector for converting type-C USB and HDMI
  • Check your LCD or Your Computer Monitor HDMI port
  • Use the HDMI to USB Type-C connector/adapter and connect another end of HDMI cable with it
  • Connect the USB Type-C connector into the USB port of your laptop
  • Your Laptop starts charging now

There are very simple steps to do this but as read above, you can charge your laptop with the power of TV LCD and computer monitor. But you should check the necessary ports are available in devices before starting the process.

Remember to check that all your connections are secure and have the necessary adapters to connect your laptop and TV using an HDMI cable

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