How Old is My Laptop?

How Old is My Laptop? Easy way to find out how old is your laptop

In the Windows search box in the taskbar, type cmd and hit enter. Once the Command Prompt window has opened, type systeminfo.exe and hit enter. Scroll down until you see ‘BIOSVersion:” Check the date listed.

do you want to find out the legacy of your system? Or perhaps you’re hoping to see if your company’s warranty period is still valid?

Laptops in fact have an expiration date. This article will show you a simple yet effective way to find out the manufacturing date of your laptop using 3 different methods.

In addition to that, we’ll also cover environment concerns specifically around your MacBook and Chromebook especially in terms of what to do with them at the end of their life cycle. So, let’s get started.

How to Tell How Old My Computer/Laptop Is?

There are a few ways you can check the age of your computer:

Find the Serial Number of Your Laptop

If you want to know how old your MacBook is, the first thing you need to do is get its serial number.

When buying a desktop computer, it is important to notice the serial number.

Check On the Manufacturer’s Website Using the Serial Number

You can easily get an answer to your question: “How old is my computer?” by going to the manufacturer’s website. Here, we take [[HP][1]] as an example.

In your web browser, search for:

Brand name + laptop warranty lookup

For example: HP laptop warranty lookup

Click on the official HP Support for warranty check.

Type in your serial number in the space provided. Make sure your country of purchase is accurate.

image2-1024x641 2

Clicking on “Check warranty” will show you the model number and all the other specifications.

b. Call the Manufacturer with the Serial Number

Once you have found your laptop’s serial number, check the date of manufacture using the bottom sticker underneath your computer’s cover.

Run Command Prompt: systeminfo.exe

Although Run Command Prompt displays the original installation date of your Windows, this may not be accurate in some cases. This is because the installation date changes every time another Windows update is released.

We would advise you to check the BIOS version first as it is more accurate and accurate. The steps are:

  1. Press “Win + R” simultaneously. Type “cmd” in the Run app. Then hit “Enter”.
  2. A new window will appear. Type “systeminfo.exe”, then press “Enter”.
  3. Scroll down and search for the “BIOS Version” in the list. Check date on the right side.

Look into the Release Date of Your CPU

One thing we have to understand is that although this isn’t a perfectly accurate method, it will still give us a decent idea of how manufacturers are doing.

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Here is how you can check your CPU’s release date:

  1. Type “system information” in your Window’s search bar and hit “Enter”.
  2. Search for the “BIOS Version/Date” from the system summary that shows up.
  3. The date listed in front of the BIOS Version is the same on which your laptop was released.

How to Check the Manufacturing Date of your Mac?

To find the manufacturing date of your Mac, you simply need to look at the Settings menu. First, click on the Apple logo in the top left hand corner.

Then choose “System Information” under Software and scroll down to “Date and Time”. The information is pretty clear: there are only four options here – make sure your cursor is over Hardware Overview and click “Show Detailed Status”.

  1. Find the serial number of your laptop on the back.
  2. If it’s not available, you can find out the serial number through the OS itself.
  3. To find out the serial number through the OS, click the   Apple icon on the top left of your screen.
  4. A list will appear. Click on “About this Mac”.
  5. Then click on “More Info”.
  6. You will find the serial number of your laptop under the “Overview” category. Here, you can find the manufacturing date of your laptop.
  7. Go to the “Apple’s Check Coverage Website”.
  8. Enter your serial number in the box and click on “Continue”.
  9. You will be provided with the warranty status of your laptop.

How to Check the End-of-Life Date of Your Chromebook?

The Chromebook is different from other laptops because its internal memory has a shelf life.

Although this doesn’t mean that updates will stop being issued, any updates or feature changes are likely to severely impact the way your system runs and things like outdated apps may cause issues with security.

If your computer is no longer updated, it will no longer be compatible with certain programs. That’s why it’s vital to keep a check on your Chromebook’s End-of-Life Date before you upgrade to the newer models.

In order to find out whether your Chromebook’s system expiry date needs changing, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Setting menu of your Chromebook.
  2. Click on “About Chrome OS” at the bottom of the menu bar.
  3. Click on “Additional Details”.
  4. You will find the End-of-Life date of your Chromebook under the “Update Schedule”.

Why is it Important to Know How Old Your Laptop is?

Knowing how old your laptop is important. There are so many reasons to knowing this information, but the most common reason is to differentiate between a newly purchased laptop fresh out of the box and a used one that looks brand new.

Some people believe that a used laptop will perform just as good as a brand new one, but they can’t be more wrong! Used laptops cause trouble almost immediately after purchase and break down within a few months of use.

There are many different hardware and software configurations, but most computers in the marketplace do not have exactly the right age to work properly.

Software engineers often have to make changes to their programming depending on the capability of each computer’s hardware they’re targeting.

Moreover, the company will always be progressing with time. The latest version of a laptop might offer a feature that is not in the original version.

It helps to know how old your laptop is so you can decide if the feature is incorporated or not. So, you can buy an updated model or are okay with your existing one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we will be going over a list of common frequently asked questions.

How to find out what year my HP laptop is?

Although it might be hard to find out the number of months an HP laptop has been manufactured, you can ask the company directly. Searching online is a viable option as well.

Does ASUS How to find out how old my Dell laptop is?

When buying a used Dell laptop, it’s a good idea to check the manufacturing date so you can be sure it’s still in good shape. You can find out the manufacturing date of your Dell laptop by visiting their website at

When should I replace my old laptop?

If you utilize your laptop more often to complete professional tasks like emailing, taking calls, reviewing documents and keeping up with personal work then replacing your software can be beneficial every couple year.

Otherwise, if you use your laptop mostly for casual (non-work) activities like checking Facebook or playing games then updating it every 4-5 years can be a good idea.


You now have several different methods at your disposal to find out the age of your laptop. You can either do this by looking at the serial number or through checking out the BIOS version via command prompt i.e. systeminfo.exe for example, or if you prefer you can also check out your CPU’s release date.

When attempting to determine your laptop’s age, one method involves cross-referencing the date code with a manufacturer date code list.

Another way you can gauge your device’s age is by checking for any special edition number that might be etched on the bottom of the laptop. Still, another great way to determine your computer’s manufacturing date is by calling the manufacturer directly.

If you need a laptop that’s simple, just put some of your requirements in our desktop finder Get the best suggestions.

If you have any other questions about the age of your laptop, please comment below.

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