E-Reader vs Tablet: Which One Should You Buy?

E-Reader vs Tablet, which one is good for you? If you are a reader and willing to buy any device for reading. The first question that comes to your mind Is it Better to Get an E-Reader vs Tablet? Actually, the E-reader and tablet are two different devices and made for different purposes. The E-reader is simply used for reading but a tablet could be an animation table, a note-taking tablet, or a reader. If you are willing to buy but don’t know which one is better for you. You have no need to worry and simply read this guide. I am discussing bot devices in detail.

Key Differences Between E-Readers and Tablets

Many of today’s households are familiar with eReaders such as the Nook, Kindle, and Kobo. Tablets such as iPad, Kindle Fire, and the iPad are also standard devices. Many consumers are interested in their unique designs, user-friendly interfaces, and practical reading applications. You can read books on both tablets and e-readers, but there are distinct differences between the two devices.

Screen Size:  

Most e-readers have a 6-inch display. Tablets have a larger screen than most e-readers. They typically have a 10″ screen.

Color: Tablets are specifically designed for entertainment. They come with color screens. eReaders, however, are intended to read books without distractions. They only have black and white screens to allow for immersive reading books. eReaders work well for fiction. Tablets are more suited to picture books and non-fiction titles. Tablets known as best animation tablets, or note- taking tablets

Display: Tablets use LCD screens while eReaders have glare-free e-ink screens, and therefore easier on the eyes. eReaders can read e-books for hours with no screen glare or eyestrain. e-Ink screens have much lower resolutions and refresh rates than tablet displays. Tablets have a faster page-turning rate.

Touch screen: Tablets and e-readers both have touch screens. Tablets have a fast refresh rate, which you won’t even notice with your naked eyes. Tablets have a faster page-turning speed.


eReaders can be cheaper than tablets, as they are only intended for reading. Tablets can be used for many other purposes, however, beyond reading. A high-quality eReader will only cost $300, while tablets can range from $100 to 1000 dollars.

Battery life

eReaders have electronic paper instead of an LCD screen. This gives eReaders a longer battery life. A single battery can last for weeks and not just hours. Tablets have a range of battery life, ranging from 4 to 10 hours.


Both are easy to carry but tablets are a bit heavier than eReaders because of the additional processing, data storage, and other functions they perform.

Pros & Cons of E-Readers


  • The modern e-reader is usually lighter
  • Smaller Size.
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable than tablets
  • Skinny than tablets



  • Only used to read ebooks, but not much else.
  • No apps like music, videos


Pros & Cons of Tablets


  • You can use Google Play Store
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • They can be used for reading e-books, browsing the Internet, listening to music, watching videos, and playing games.
  • You can tap, swipe, pinch
  • Thin and lightweight



  • Expensive.
  •  Heavier than a dedicated e-reader


Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter if you choose an e-reader, tablet, or both. It all comes down to how you use the device and where you plan to use it.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a tablet that you won’t be using. A tablet is a lighter, thinner, and more user-friendly option if you want a portable, easy-to-use basic e-reader that you can carry around.


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