10 Common Types of Malware & Viruses on macOS

Common Types of Malware & Viruses on macOS

The reputation of Apple devices compels users to have high expectations in terms of risks and security. Although MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices are known to be immune to viruses, that’s not the case. Virus intrusion on Apple computers is possible as much as it is on other devices running on rival operating systems.

If the laptop catches malware, your macOS operating system has several ways to protect and secure the device from possible damage. There is still a need to be aware of other threats to protect your computers from damage. 

More About Computer Viruses

Risks associated with phishing, identity threat, spam, and other online risks need your attention as you may end up losing data. Catching malware can turn your Apple experience into a horrible one.

Numerous malware and viruses can infect the macOS and can hit the overall efficiency, productivity, and performance of the computer, leaving it slower than usual. 

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Common types of malware and viruses that can infect your Apple operating system are listed below. In-depth knowledge can help you get rid of these viruses quite efficiently. 

Search Baron

A browser hijack program alters your browser settings and starts reading everything that you search on your browser. Search baron serves as an extension that directs the browsing page to searchbaron.com. 

If you are wondering how to get rid of search baron on mac, you must keep an eye on your search engines. Notify the alerts and advertisement pop-ups while surfing the internet.  


As the name suggests, spyware is software that can spy on you and is meant to record your online activities in most cases. It can turn out to be a great identity threat and can be used for personal or financial gains. 

The spyware might access your bank information and critical credentials. Clear the browsing history and cache from your device to avoid catching spyware on the device.

Trojan Horses


Trojan Horses

Cyber players who aim to trick you into downloading unknown software utilize this type of malware. They can get in touch via text message or send mail threats, so it is necessary to avoid clicking the links. The link will download this malware to the laptop to steal personal and financial information. 

Avoid clicking on the links that you receive from unauthorized mail. Report if you find something suspicious in the inbox.

Macro Viruses 

A macro virus is a program that can run through your device and affects its functioning. It may activate codes to capture screenshots of your work. A macro virus can also access the webcam of the Macs. 

The program can corrupt the existing data and create junk files. A macro virus can destroy and access all the information stored on your laptop.


Adware is malware that infects your device and interrupts its functioning. A program attacks your laptop with advertising pop-ups that can cover your entire screen with ads. Adware ads can be too frequent to hinder the command you give the system to complete the tasks.

Restart your device to avoid these bugs on the device as they may freeze your screen. This may corrupt your storage device or power source.  


These types of viruses are used by cybercriminals to hack the professional computers of organizations. Hackers hack and lock the device and also share messages to open the system to get something done. 

This way, they can access the information related to your Mac credentials. They can certainly use the device for their advancement.


Another malware that can infect and damage your computing device is called Rootkits. It is malware that enables cybercriminals to access the control over device functioning. Rootkits are hard to detect on the infected laptop. 

Hackers use this kind of malware to steal and manipulate data on your device, which can lead to severe integrity and security issues.

Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is a targeted theft of crypto money. It is also known as crypto-jacking, in which hijacks try to steal crypto money from the wallets of Mac users. Lately, crypt mining has been in the headlines and a topic of discussion. 

It’s like losing a handle on crypto management if your device gets this risk, which will lead to financial losses.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a cybercrime that targets users to share personal information and use it against security barriers. Phishing scams are usually carried out via calls, emails, texts, links, QR codes, websites, and many other ways.

Staying extra cautious is important while using your computers, particularly when external devices are connected.  

PUPs on Mac

PUPs stands for Potentially Unwanted Programs, a software that bundles up with another program we allow to enter our devices. It usually gets downloaded with free images, videos, and movies from the browser. 

Some of the PUP can be harmful, as they can slow down the overall performance of the Macs. 

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