Can You Break Your Foot by Dropping A Laptop On It? – Explanation Guide

The weight of a laptop is much less than what it would take to break your foot. It is easier to break a foot than it would be to break a laptop. The force required to break a foot would be much greater than the force applied by a laptop. It’s possible for someone to drop something on their foot and fracture or break their bones. For example, dropping a laptop (which can vary in weight) on one’s foot could cause that type of injury.

What Would Happen If I Drop A Laptop On My Foot?

If your laptop is not powered down, it could cause serious electrical burns. If your laptop is off and unplugged, you might just have a bruised foot. Drops and falls can result in a number of injuries, depending on how and where it lands.

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For example, if you drop your brand-new phone onto the concrete sidewalk, there’s a good chance your screen will crack or worse – you may lose an important finger. But if you drop an 800-pound laptop onto your toes, you run the risk of seeing some serious bruising and bleeding. Smaller devices are generally easier to lose, particularly phones in public places. That’s because smaller devices tend to have higher densities in the center of their structure.

So, Should You Be Worried About Dropping Your Laptop On Your Foot?

Unless you’re standing on a cement sidewalk, the weight of your laptop is probably not likely to cause any form of serious damage. Luckily, unlucky accidents such as dropping a marble on your toe will not result in a painful bruise. It’s quite fortunate that they’re resilient. Note that any kind of electronic device can cause injury, so it’s always sound to be cautious.

I’ve Dropped A Laptop On My Foot, What To Do?

If you’ve dropped your laptop on your foot, the first thing to do is to pay attention to your foot. If your laptop is still turned on, turn it off and unplug it from the wall. Can You Break Your Foot by Dropping A Laptop On It If there are any broken pieces, don’t try to put them back together yourself; leave that to a professional.

Apply ice to the injury for fifteen minutes every hour or so. Elevate your foot above your heart whenever you can. Take ibuprofen if the foot pain is bad enough to warrant it. See a doctor if the swelling or bruising doesn’t fade away within 48 hours.

I’ve Dropped a Laptop On My Foot, Will I Be Ok?

You’re probably fine. Dropping a laptop on your foot usually won’t cause any long-term damage provided you check for the following symptoms: The biggest hazard of dropping a laptop on your foot is the possibility of getting cut if the laptop shatters.

If you do happen to drop your laptop, make sure you check for any cuts or other injuries. And if you need to cut yourself, be sure to use a sterile razor and fresh blade to get the job done right. Then again, when it comes down to laptops, there aren’t many reasons to think that dropping them on your foot will cause any long-term damage, so long as you are wearing appropriate footwear such as sensible walking boots.

In most cases, the bruises that occur from receiving an injection or immersing a limb in hot water will be temporary since they tend to heal fairly quickly and with minimal pain. You see, as long as you’re careful, Can You Break Your Foot by Dropping A Laptop On It there’s no reason to be too worried about dropping your laptop on your foot. Just be sure to take some ibuprofen if you’re in pain and give your foot a chance to heal.

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