Can You Break Your Foot by Dropping a Laptop on It? – Explained

The weight of a laptop is much less than the weight that is required to break your foot. A person’s body weight is distributed over a larger area when they are standing, which is why it would take a lot of force to break their foot when they are walking around.

A laptop falling onto your foot is not likely to break your foot – unless it’s dropped from a very large height. I once dropped my laptop on my toes and I got a nasty bruise! Given their size, smaller devices are more likely to cause injuries than larger ones. That’s because smaller devices tend to weigh more per cubic inch and they also come into contact with your skin over a smaller area.

So, Should You Be Worried About Dropping Your Laptop on Your Foot?

Unless you’re standing on a concrete sidewalk, the weight of your laptop is unlikely to cause any serious damage. So, if you’re unfortunate enough to drop it on your toes, you might end up with a nasty bruise. Please remember that any type of electronic device can cause injuries, so it’s always best to be careful when you’re around them.

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I’ve Dropped a Laptop on My Foot, What to Do?

If a laptop has been dropped on the foot, it’s important not to remove the foot from the shoe first. Lastly, if the laptop is still turned on and plugged in, we need you to turn it off right now by following these steps: If there are any broken pieces that aren’t a total loss, get them to a professional. Apply ice to the injury for fifteen minutes every hour for as long as possible. And if at all possible, try not to wait too late to do so.

If you do happen to drop your laptop, Can You Break Your Foot by Dropping a Laptop on It pack a first aid kit amongst your belongings so that you are well prepared in case something happens?

If you happen to get cuts, it’s important to properly clean them, and put a band-aid on the spot. However, it’s not really necessary to worry about the long-term effects of dropping a laptop on your foot. In most cases, the damage will be limited to some swelling or bruising.

If you’re using a laptop, there’s really no need to worry about dropping it on your foot. Just be sure to take some ibuprofen if you’re experiencing pain and give yourself and your foot some time to rest. In most instances, the damage will be insignificant. However, some swelling and/or bruising should subside within a few days.

If you do have any cuts, be sure to clean them thoroughly and apply a band-aid as needed. Can You Break Your Foot by Dropping a Laptop on It Don’t forget to wash your hands after too?

Unless you have a condition or injury that makes it especially dangerous to drop the laptop on your foot, there’s no reason why those short-term problems shouldn’t go away in time. The long-term effects of Cipro are still not well known, so if you’re still worried, however, be sure to talk to your doctor. They’ll be able to tell you whether you need any additional treatment.

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