4 Best Telegram Last Seen Tracker

There are Telegram last seen tracker apps that allow you to view the last seen and online status of your Telegram contacts. The Teleqram Tracking app is the best way to keep track of other Telegram users, although it is only available on Android.

The TeleWatch tracker for Telegram lets iOS users not only see the last seen or online status of other users, but also get detailed tracking reports. It further shows you an activity graph of the last twenty-four hours.

There are many possible interpretations of “last seen.” It could refer to the last time someone was seen alive, the last time someone was seen in a particular place, or the last time someone was seen before they disappeared.

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The best Android apps for tracking last seen on TelegramIf you’re someone who needs to keep track of when your contacts were last active on Telegram, these apps will let you do just that.

Telegram Last Seen Tracker Tools:

The following apps will help you track the last seen time for people on Telegram:

    1. LastSeen- Teleqram Tracking
    2. TeleWatch tracker for Telegram
    3. Unseen- No Last Seen
    4. TG TRACKER (Third Party)

1. LastSeen- Teleqram Tracking

With LastSeen-Teleqram Tracking, you can track the last seen of your friends and family members on Telegram.


  • The app has a super easy interface that allows parents to track their children’s online activities and status with ease.
  • You will be notified when your friends go online and offline.
  • Real-time reports give you detailed information.
  • The app extends to you data that can empower you to discern the last seen of the objective and to what extent he spends on the app.
  • It can track the online statuses or last seen dates of multiple contacts at the same time.
  • The three day trial period will allow you to experience the full features and benefits of the software so that you can determine if it is the right tool for you.

Steps To Use: 

To see the last seen of another person on Telegram, follow these steps:

Step 1: You’ll need to download and install the app from the Google Play Store.
Step 2: Next, grant the app with the required access.
Step 3: You’ll be able to see the Last seen time next to the names of the contacts.
Step 4: If you want to upload a new contact to check the last seen, click on the + icon.
Step 5: Enter the phone number of the person and upload it on the app.
Step 6: Next, under the Last Seen list, you can check its last seen time.

2. TeleWatch tracker for Telegram

“TeleWatch tracker for Telegram” is an app that allows users to track their own time as well as see when others were last active.


  • The app will notify you when your target is getting online or offline.
  • If someone changes their bio or username, you will be notified.
  • Receive detailed tracking reports as well.
  • You can get notifications of special events.
  • The passcode protection helps to prevent unauthorized access to the app.
  • The app also contains a twenty-four-hour activity graph.
  • This app provides you with statistics regarding the number of logins per day and the average online duration.
  • The app has a “Do Not Disturb” mode to prevent others from interrupting you.
  • You can use the app to track your account activity and changes to your profile.
  • You can try out the app for free in demo mode before deciding whether to purchase the premium version.
  • This app only works with iOS.

Steps To Use:

TeleWatchTracker for Telegram is an app that allows you to track others’ last seen or online status. To use the app, simply follow these steps:
Step 1: Install the app from the App Store.

App Store
Step 2: You’ll need to grant the app permission to have access to your contacts.

Step 3: Under the Profile List, you’ll be able to see the last seen or the online status that is displayed below the name of the user.

Step 4: If you click on the name of the user, you will be able to see the Online Count, Online Duration under Online Logs.

under Online Logs.
Step 5: To add a new contact and track his or her last seen or online status, you need to click on Add Profile.

click on Add Profile
Step 6: You’ll have to enter the phone number of the Telegram user and save the contact.

Step 7: Next, it will appear under the profile list where you can see it’s last seen time or online status.

3. Unseen- No Last Seen

TeleWatchTracker for Telegram is an app that allows you to track others’ last seen or online status. To use the app, simply follow these steps:


  • It has advanced features that have been listed below.
  • Hiding your last seen and blue double ticks read marks helps Telegram users keep their privacy.
  • You can read your friends’ messages in incognito mode, which doesn’t track your last seen or leave any blueprints.
  • Whenever a message is received on Telegram, it is also received on the Unseen- No Last Seen app.
  • It provides quick previews of all messages via chat head features.
  • The app can also be used to hide the last seen on other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, etc.

Steps To Use:

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the app:

Step 1: Download and install the app from Google Play Store.

Install the app

Step 2: Open the app and click on Next.

Click on Next

Step 3: It will show you an overview of how it works.

Step 4: You’ll need to checkmark the square box next to Telegram and click on Next.

Telegram and click on Next

Step 5: Next, click on Give Authorization.

click on Give Authorization

Step 6: You’ll be able to enter the main interface of the app after giving the required permission to the app.

permission to the app

Step 7: Click on the Telegram icon to see the new messages received in a hidden mode.

4. TG TRACKER (Third Party)

One simple way is to use an Android app like TG Tracker. You can also use a web-based app like Telegram Online Last Seen Tracker. Both of these will help you keep track of the last seen of Telegram users even when they are online.


  • The TG Tracker app provides users with a range of useful features, including the ability to track their location, set up alerts and monitoring, and view real-time data.
  • The app has a straightforward and uncomplicated interface that allows users to instantly see when another
  • Telegram user was last online.
  • The log tab shows you how many people are online and how long they’ve been on the app.
    A notification will appear when the user comes online.
  • The app is free to install and use from the web.
  • It provides a one-click tracking method for quickly tracking.
  • The app can help you see who has blocked you on Telegram.
  • The report provides you with statistics on your daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

Steps To Use:

Below are the steps to use the app:

Step 1: Download and install the application.

install the application

Step 2: Open the app and swipe right twice and then click on the tickmark to get started.

Step 3: On the main interface, you’ll need to select your correct country code.

Step 4: Next to it, you’ll find a box that says Type your Number.

Step 5: Click on the box and enter the number of the Telegram user whom you want to track.

Step 6: Then, click on the blue Start Tracking button.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained how you can use various applications to track the last seen of Telegram users.There are several Telegram tracker apps available, including LastSeen-Teleqram Tracking, TeleWatch tracker for Telegram, Unseen- No Last Seen, and TG TRACKER. For iOS, the TeleWatch tracker for Telegram is recommended.

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