Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator 2022- Top Picks, reviews and Buyer guide

When it comes to purchasing devices for Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator 2022,  you can’t go the simple way to purchase whatever you set your eyes on. Several considerations come into play, particularly when considering something as simple as a graphic design tablet so any minor problem could cost you a lot of hours of hard work.

Given the long time that graphic designers spend before the screen, they can preferably look like a graphic tablet with an equilibrium of colors and comfort. And if you happen to be an amateur, it might be hard to pick the one that best fits your needs.

Another thing that fascinated me was the animators’ treatment, mainly, if not always, of a drawing tablet. You need drawing tools and a drawing tablet for the animation to render drawings and play with animation.

The pads and brushes for drawing applications are designed for feedback on a tablet drawing. The pen pressure is expressed while drawing on a drawing tablet so that the line thickness and the color of the color can be adjusted. Here, we are comparing and presenting animation drawing tablets that we will suggest to beginners.

However, please don’t stress, we design this list of the nine Drawing tablets for Photoshop and Illustrator for industry entrants has been protected by us.


Our Top Picks for the Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator 2022


            Wacom Intuos Pro

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Budget Friendly
HUION Inspiroy Q11K

Huion Inspiroy Q11K

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List of Top 9 Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator 2022

Best Drawing TabletsScreen SizeRating Price
Wacom Intuos Pro

8.7” x 5.8”5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price
Huion Inspiroy Q11K
11"5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price
Parblo Coast10
10.1″5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price
Wacom Cintiq DTH1320AK0 Pro
Wacom Cintiq 16
13″5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price
Graphics Tablet M708 UGEE
UGEE M708 V2
10.6″5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price
Wacom Cintiq 22HD
21″5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price
XP-PEN Star06C
XP-PEN Star06C Drawing Tablet
10.6″5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price
Huion KAMVAS GT-191
19.5"5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price
Ugee 1910B
19"5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price

1. Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition PTH860P Large Graphics Input Tablet (High End)

For all the doodle lovers, this Wacom drawing tablet with screen pro paper edition large by Wacom is for you. Whether you are a beginner or a long-term user, don’t worry about its13. Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition PTH860P Large Graphics Input Tablet setup. The product comes with a fully installed setup plan and doesn’t leave it in the black.


The tablet comes for all the valuable features a beginner artist can ask for, like the built-in setup for exporting files as PSD, SVG, PDF, or JPG. The pen has tilt support and can provide great accommodation while you are doodling or showing your artistry skills. It has 16.8 x 11.2 x 0.3 inches size and 12.1 x 8.4 inches active area.

  • capacity to support large format
  • built-in Bluetooth
  • ink-to-paper-to-digital workflows
  • long-lasting Lithium Polymer batterie
  • Bluetooth doesn’t work with iPad or iPhone


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2. Huion Inspiroy Q11K

If you’re scouring for a wide drawing tablet, the Huion INSPIROY Q11K Wireless is important to consider. It has a huge diagonal dimension of 13 Huion Inspiroy Q11K inches, and it’s wireless as well, the wireless option gives you more flexibility if you don’t want to be constrained to your device. The standard of the design may seem a little cheap, but this is an excellent Huion tablet worth checking out.


It has 13 inches of drawing area made up of high-end materials which offers you both a large workspace and a paper-like finish. There is over 40 hours of battery life with a 2500mAh built-in battery, no need to think about the digital drawing tablet shutting down or running out of power.


  • Active area is immense!
  • Pen is lightweight
  • Nibs are durable.
  • 8 customized shortcut keys
  • 7 hours to charge


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3. Parblo Coast10 

Parblo is one of the newest Wacom substitutes for creators, producing excellent services. The Parblo Coast10 is a finer tablet on the marketParblo Coast10  because of its size and price. This comes with the back clips that fold out in order to draw uprightly. It can even settle on your lap comfortably. It is scarcely noticeable at just 2.5 lbs.


The 11.4′′ x 8.3′′ LCD panel is wide enough to do a professional drawing. The pen is non-battery, certainly a bonus. This makes dealing with it much simpler and easier because you do not want to substitute any batteries.


  • Pen is light and receptive.
  • Luminous display.
  • Gloves easy to slip over the screen.
  • The CD have PC drivers, not Mac’s
  • No Tilt


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4. Wacom Cintiq 16

Wacom Cintiq 16 is a tablet that is full of features. With a compact and high-resolution display, the Wacom Cintiq 16 is the best standalone drawing tablet for beginners. It has everything, fromWacom Cintiq 16 easy access buttons to robust driver stability and software support. If you have a new hand and still learning about the artist’s skills, this tablet won’t disappoint you.


It has 13.6 x 7.6 inches of active area with 16.6 x 11.2 x 0.4 inches overall dimensions. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The powerless electromagnetic resonance stylus pen has high-pressure sensitivity, making it easy to use and detail.


  • 6-inch panel
  • Easy-to-use stylus
  • The screen on the tablet
  • Comes without a stand


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5. UGEE M708 V2 Graphics Drawing Tablet

UGEE M708 V2  graphics tablet included in the best drawing tablets under 100$ is a 10 by 6 in size. Support both left-handed andUGEE M708 V2 Graphics Drawing Tablet right-handed people. provide Android connection that enables connections with Android phones and tablets 6.0 and above. With the 8192 Battery-Free Pen’s pressure-sensitive level, you can start creating and drawing finer lines right away. Multifunction pen holder included. It can keep your pen, pen nibs, and USB receiver safe.


UGEE M708 V2  Graphics Tablet Provide Large Work Area:

The 10 “by 6” UGEE M708 V2, compact, paper-like work area provides ample drawing space to record your inspirations. The paper-like surface of the graphic table offers a more realistic and natural use.

UGEE M708 V2 tablet best for beginners:

UGEE has a very good sensitivity range allowing you to get very precise with your drawings while you are at your computer and creating your wonderful masterpieces of art. It comes in black and white versions the pin feels spectacular in the hand you have those eight user-defined controls that allow you to set it up as you wish, maybe creating some back buttons or some special effects or maybe a quick erase button.

It can work with the latest software including Adobe Illustrator manga studio there are tons out that you can use whether you are in with.


  • Very handy
  • It comes with a useful type C port to help in connecting with other devices.
  • Easy controls for multimedia
  • Some software lag reports


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6. Wacom Cintiq 22HD

The Wacom Cintiq offers an unprecedented blend between pen and Multi-touch input. The Wacom is much more interactive and intuitive to writeWacom Cintiq 22HD Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator and draw with multi-touch features. You can use two fingers, hold hands on the screen and work more fluently than using just pen and keyboard shortcuts to rotate the image.


The Wacom Cintiq focuses on promoting the multimedia workflow in creative photography, art, and architecture. Wacom gives illustrators and photographers a natural way to work by enabling users to sketch, write or edit directly on the screen. The Cintiq features a full HD LCD 21.5-inch display with a high resolution (1920 x 1080px) which delivers a top-of-the-range visual experience in all areas you need to edit, design, and create. If you’re a photographer, artist, animator, or illustrator of some sort, you’ll enjoy being able to work on the screen in an exciting way.


  • Drawing directly will change the level.
  • The device looks high quality.
  • Infuriating distortion.


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7. XP-PEN Star06C Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator

XP-PEN Star06 Design Tablet has an expansive dynamic surface, and tall affectability 8192 levels of weight with a battery-free stylus that offer youXP-PEN Star06C best drawing tablet for chromebook a common and exact drawing encounter for your computerized craftsmanship creation, a smart colorful foot cover, and a write sleeve, permitting you to appear off your individual fashion. This is the Best drawing tablet compatible with Chromebook  for 2022


The realistic tablet is consistent with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 and Mac OS 10.10 or over; the Driver program works with an inventive program such as Photoshop, Artist, Firecrackers, Macromedia Streak, Comedian Studio, SAI, and more, perfect for any sort of computerized craftsman with advanced outline, photoshop, plan, etc


  • Response rate 266 PPS
  • lag-free tracking for the pen
  • 5080 resolutions per inch line
  • Very easy to use for a beginner
  • Dose not support mac
  • The drivers are difficult to install


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8. Huion KAMVAS

If you have no problem with money then Huion is the XP-PEN Star06C Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator you can find. We assumed that Huion does a fine job of producingHuion KAMVAS Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator inexpensive drawing tablets, but the Huion Kamvas shows that it still produces some outstanding high-end tablets.


The 19.5-inch Drawing Monitor uses its IPS screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 to make your creative work come to life in full detail and bright color. This Drawing Monitor has an impressive pressure response of around 8192 levels so that you can accurately draw any stroke of any proportions.


  • Strong quality construction
  • Very strong and consistent stand
  • Easy driver configuration and installation
  • Pre-assembled matte paper-feeling screen protector
  • Parallax is really apparent.


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9. Ugee 1910B (Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator in 2022)

This tablet is an LCD monitor, your drawing lines are shown on the tablet panel. It needs to be attached with a USB cable to your computer, laptop, orUgee 1910B Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop and Illustrator PC. For artists and illustrators, it is used for drawing and painting. It has two model displays, a duplicate display, and an extended monitor, as you like, you can alter either feature.


The tablet is wide (20.9 x 18.3 x 7.2 inches) and heavy which is why it is not worn on a steady surface. The screen is broad and complex. Photoshop can be set up on 3/4 of the screen and there is still room for photo references on the side. The 1910B features a detachable metal stand, which can be balanced for angles using an upper back lever. The packets include artist gloves, extra painting plums, two loaders, and a variety of nibs. The design is rechargeable and the user will connect to numerous mouse click variations of the buttons on the stylus.

Note: Some tablets are currently not available on amazon. So, we can give alternatives.


  • Pen pressure is sensitive
  • The screen doesn’t get hot.
  • The 19” screen size is very easy to draw from.
  • Color is not exact.⠀


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Buyers Guide


One key factor when purchasing a drawing tablet is the physical scale. Here you can keep an eye on the display size and the screen area in use. You can quickly presume that the safest choice is indeed to get larger screens.

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This might not be true, though, when you take into consideration all the considerations involved in buying a tablet. Smaller tablets will only have the best resolution for your drawing needs and cost you less than the other larger alternatives.


When buying the proper graphics tablet, the resolution is a major consideration. It is essential to recognize the type of resolution it offers before picking a graphical tablet. High resolution translates to fine detailing for many graphic artists.

Pressure Sensitivity

Many modern graphics tablets have pressure response, and the depth of the stroke can vary based on how closely you apply the pen. As with resolution, items will differ a lot from the point of view of how sensitive they are. Many of the cheapest versions have little sensitivity to strain at all.

Pressure sensitivity is such a significant element in the consistency that can be obtained in your sketches. If you just need to make quick drawings, you cannot think too much about the sensitivity of the strain. But it is necessary for any significant work of art.

Physical materials

The design of your tablet is also a consideration. Much of the graphics tablets are made of inexpensive plastic. There is obviously an advantage where the external tablet structure incorporates more metals than plastics since it can have additional strength.

The drawback to metal construction is that it is thicker and can attract air condensation in cold conditions. Obviously, the drawing surface is much more critical than the frame, and in this case, it is not so much about the medium used, it is more about the texture of the material. Ideally, you like the surface to be as flat as you can.


Another critical thing to remember is how your tablet will attach or even if it needs to your device. You only have USB 2 if you have an older device. It is rare that a tablet has USB 3 in the current generation. A USB 3 adapter can still plug in and fit perfectly well into a USB 2 socket. More advanced machines can connect with some Bluetooth graphical tablets. Bluetooth technology is not installed with any Graphics device, meaning that you will have to check if it is what you want to do.


Most of the drawing tablets allow you to configure the buttons on the tablet and the stylus to perform those activities. This can be a big time-saver, particularly because you always need to turn back and forth between activities. The number of programmable keys and what you will program to do can vary by tablet. But if you know you’re going to have a hotkey for a certain job, just make sure they have hotkeys. Much of the time, you’ll be able to program them for anything you want.


Despite all the considerations, the cost is obviously a large concern in the hunt for an appropriate graphics tablet. Often you may like high-end, high-quality choices, but the budget can differ. High-end options, such as the Wacom, are potentially more expensive than other cheaper options.

On the market today, vendors are selling a wide variety of products to ready customers in various segments, including the best options for rookies, premium mid-range laptops, the best choices for colors and top grades. But just make sure that the option you have preferred does not burden your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On a phone, would you Photoshop?

There are plenty of graphics on the drawing tablet. You should add info, draw your favorite mood and have a nice time. You will better animate on a tablet and save your creations to the planet by increasing efficiency and packaging flexibility.

2. Does it matter which tablet size I’m getting?

The Intuos collection offers mini, medium and large tablets from Wacom. You would typically think the tiny tablet (10.6′′ x 6.7′′) is sufficient whether you are using a laptop or small display.

We will prefer the medium size tablet (13.2′′ x 8.5′′) whether you’re operating around many, or one really big display. When working across 2 windows, this will allow you more room to travel around the width of the tablet, and greater hand comfort.

Illustrators and 3D animators often choose the maximum scale, and most photographers think it takes an enormous amount of hand movement.

3. What kind of tablet is used by animators?

The best tablet that animators use for drawing and animation relies on their experience and preferences. Some prefer medium-sized and higher resolution for expert use. Others find it easier, to begin with, a bigger screen and lower resolution for the starters.

4. Is it tough to learn how to use a graphics tablet?

There is certainly a learning curve, but we agree you can never look back until you get comfortable with working with a stylus and tablet. We’re going to be absolutely frank, some individuals find the initial duration a little stressful. Our best suggestion is to totally ignore the action of “drag, lift, and reposition” that you have grown familiar with while using a cursor.


The best drawing tablet for Photoshop and illustrator would sound like an easy thing to buy, but you’d be shocked how much it might affect your job, and how many things you would have to look out for. But before you pick a tablet to do your job, make sure you do your homework and read some feedback before you make your decision.

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