Best Drawing Tablet for Kids 2022 – Top 9 Products, Reviews and Buyer Guide

Best Drawing Tablet for Kids 2022 comes with many specifications that are different from other tablets. Choosing the best digital drawing and writing pad for children is the priority of every parent at a child’s early age.

I have witnessed kids operating tablets, iPad, and phones before even going to school. They understand technology so well. So, here is a way to make their experience worthwhile.

Have you ever seen a child drawing patterns and writing their names on that piece of slate? Of course, yes! We all had. The idea that pops in my mind is when every traditional means is replacing with digital technology, why not the child’s learning capabilities?

In today’s world, the tablet has something very vast to offer you. Hone the skills of your child with many existing features that are available on tablets. Precisely, drawing, writing, and graphics.

Many of the additional apps and features are launched on the tablet. Such features make the tablet worth more than just an entertaining device. It is a useful tool for learning many new things. A beginner of today will be the graphics expert of the future.

Choosing the tablet for the small and slippery hands of a child is a challenge in itself. An accurate size of the tablet with ultra-lightweight is what parents want more often. If you are one of them, then you are at the very right spot. Read till the end and explore more.

Considering all the research that I have conducted, and the views of parents on the suitable best drawing tablet for kids 2022, budget and user-friendly device is the top priority of anyone.

Our Top Picks for the Best Drawing Tablet for Kids 2022


            Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Check Latest Price

Budget Friendly

XP-Pen Deco 01 V2

Check Latest Price


Best Drawing Tablet for Kids 2022

Here, I have assembled all the data that might interest the parent of any toddler. The below-mentioned choices are suitable for your choice needs. Furthermore, a complete buying guide is full of features that should be nearly there.

Don’t let your money go to waste, your child’s time and efforts at such a young age. Be very wise!

Let’s get started with whatever information I have in store for you.

List of Top 9 Best Drawing Tablet for Kids 2022

Best Drawing Tablets Screen SizeRating Price
Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

10.2 Inch 5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab A

9 Inch 5.0/5.0 Check Latest Price
iskn The Slate 2+

12 Inch 4.9/5.0 Check Latest Price
Huion Inspiroy H1060P

11 Inch 4.8/5.0 Check Latest Price
Richgv LCD Tablet

9.6 Inch 4.8/5.0 Check Latest Price
XP-Pen Deco01 V2

7 Inch 4.7/5.0 Check Latest Price
Huion H640P

7.5 Inch 4.6/5.0 Check Latest Price
Wacom Bamboo Slate

8 Inch 4.5/5.0 Check Latest Price
FLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet

10 Inch 4.4/5.0 Check Latest Price


1. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition (Best Drawing Tablet for Kids)

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids is the latest edition of kindle kids tablets released recently by Amazon. It makes access to kids-friendly content easier. Your kids will now get used to new reading experiences. Parents do not need to worry about the visual and reading material that their kids got access to. Best fitted for the kids from the age of years 3 – 12.


Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Best Drawing Tablet for Kids

Kindle tablet characteristics a 6″ screen with a 167 PPI e-ink. Adjust the appropriate amount of light for your kids from the display menu. The battery life is remarkable, which can even last for weeks. It grants storage of 32 GB built-in and 512 GB of internal storage.

Other characteristics include achievement badges, dictionaries, kids-friendly wallpapers, vocabulary builders, and word-wise. It also offers you two years of guarantee.


  • Children have easy access to easy definitions.
  • Words that are viewed once will be added to the dictionary
  • Children can leave their heavy bags at home while carrying just a kindle tablet with them to school.
  • The stylus sold separately


Check Latest Price


2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung has built a Best Drawing Tablet for Kids that is solely made for kids. A Kids-friendly interface is designed to enhance the curiosity for exploring more in your child. You can sit back by knowing that your kids have access to the right content. It is one of the most portable drawing tablets for beginners, just like your kid.


Samsung galaxy tab A has an 8″ screen that fits in the hands of a kid. It has a memory of 32 GB. Samsung galaxy has a good collection of e-books and games that are food for thought for the kid. It has a simple, fast, and secure setup.

  • High battery timings
  • Kids mode can be enabled on it
  • Made to grab firmly by your child’s hands
  • Built-in characteristics will let parents control the screen time and content
  • The stylus does not come along with the tablet


Check Latest Price


3. Iskn The Slate 2+ (sketches from early childhood with this tablet)

Iskn the slate 2+ seems like kids digital drawing and writing pad. It enables your kid to draw with his pencil or pen onto the slate just like paper. MakeIskn The Slate 2+ (sketches from early childhood with this tablet) your kid excel in drawing and sketches from early childhood with this tablet.


Iskn the slate 2+ is the graphics tablet with no pen pressure sensitivity. Note that this tablet has a small drawing surface of 210 x 148mm. It is a travel-friendly choice for kids as it weighs only 380 g and a thickness of 0.7cm. It has an active display area.



  • Enhance your drawings.
  • No pressure sensitivity.
  • A digital copy is made in an instant of the drawing.
  • It has magnetic rings attached that will keep your pen in place.
  • Using your pencil provides hands-on experience of drawing.
  • It lacks some of the features
  • Hard to find a pencil that fits into the magnetic rings


Check Latest Price

4. Huion Inspiroy H1060P with Passive Pen

With the tablets’ biggest screen, Huion H1060p is unbeatable for the best drawing tablets for beginners 2022. The most noticeable feature isHuion Inspiroy H1060P with Passive Pen the passive pen that is fully supportive when using the tablet.


It has eight customizable keys that you can set according to your requirement. With 8192 pressure sensitivity levels, the pen will help you detail out as much as you want. It provides you with full control over your art through supportive software and driver stability.

  • 5080 LPI reading resolution
  • Eight customizable express keys
  • Large active area 10 inches x 6 inches
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS 10.4 or above
  • Isn’t compatible with MACOS versions below 10.4 (released in 2005


Check Latest Price

5. Richgv LCD Tablet

Richgv writing tablet is made of reliable ABS materials, pressure-sensitive LCD, radiation, and glare-free to protect your eyes. 8.5 inchesRichgv LCD Tablet screen, apply the newest flexible liquid crystal technology, brighter and clearer than most LCD writing tablets. The electronic writing pad can write about 100,000 times with a clearance button. The only one-coin battery is needed to replace the traditional battery. The coin battery is easy to buy and one doodle pad can only protect the environment but also help you save much money.

Richgv doodle pad features pressure sensitivity that lets you draw thick and thin lines based on the pressure on your pen, just like using a pen and paper, Best Drawing Tablet for Kids, designers, and deaf-mute people. Naturally writing or drawing experience, without any delay. The writing pen can stick into the holder by a gentle push.

As a writing tablet for kids, you could teach or help them learn how to draw, sketch, and write. Whereas, teens and adults can also use them for quick notes, classwork, or to-do list. Environmental paperless drawing board, writing over 100,000 times. No more worry about wasting papers. This writing board is ultra-thin and light(only 0.3lb), fits easily into a purse, scheduler, briefcase or backpack. Its battery can last for 12 months (battery included) and easy to replace when exhausted.

  • pressure sensitive LCD
  • Its battery can last for 12 months


Check Latest Price

6. XP-PEN Deco Pro Small Digital 

The XP-PEN Deco Pro graphics tablet, the newest tablet version from XP-Pen, celebrates its debut as the winner of the Red Dot DesignXP-PEN Deco Pro Small Digital  Award 2020. And therefore the winner of the Good Design Award 2019. Made from an aluminum case with a curved shape of only 7mm which makes it sleek and smooth.


When you first open the XP-PEN Deco pro-small box. You see the XP-PEN Deco Pro Small Digital is one of the best Drawing Tablets under 100$  all nicely wrapped and it’s got a little screen protector on the front. Then you can rip off satisfyingly. It’s got 8 Express keys you can program for your shortcuts. Having a side port to connect to your computer.

XP-PEN Deco Pro Small And sixty-degree tilt function

It also comes with a pen holder you can take out the pen,  and it’s battery-free.XP-PEN Deco pro-small supports 8000 and 192 levels of pressure sensitivity and sixty degrees of tilt function. It also comes with a bunch of free nibs at the other end of the pen holder, which is nice to provide you with two USBs.


  • User-friendly portable design;
  •  Responsive and accurate for more natural drawings;
  •  Multiple customizable keys;
  •  Convenient battery-free pen for cord-free drawing
  • Lightweight and provides a generous drawing area of 10-inch by 6.25-inc
  • Some reviews report connectivity issues with the device


Check Latest Price

7. Huion H640P

Not only compatible with Mac and Windows, but Huion H640P also supports Android 6.0 or later via an included OTG adapter to turn yourHuion H640P, Best Drawing Tablet for Kids phones or tablets into a digital drawing canvas. This easy-to-use pen tablet is perfect for kids and beginners for drawing animation,photo-editing or design work in most programs including Adobe Photoshop, paint tool sai, illustrator, coral draw, coral painter, sketchbook, manga studio, clip studio paint, and more.

With stylus and H640P, teachers and students can easily handwritten edit, diagram, do the math, annotate on a virtual whiteboard in Zoom, Team and Split while streaming or broadcasting. It is compatible with Word, Powerpoint OneNote, and more. It is also perfect for taking notes, jotting down ideas and business signature during web conferencing, and remote working.

Digital pen PW100 features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity,5080LPI pen resolution, and virtually no lag providing you ultimate precision and control. It is also battery-free, no need for charging anymore. The pen side buttons help you switch between pen and eraser or instantly. Comes with extra 8 pen nibs in the pen holder.

6 Customized Press Keys: Set up the 6 programmable express keys to any shortcut combination you prefer in the Huion driver and optimize your workflow. It also works for both left and right-handed users.

H640P art tablet is designed with slim and compact sized with an active area of 6.3×3.9inch offering perfect creative space for limited desktop areas. It is easy to carry out and always ready for your creativity whenever and wherever.

  • Support Mac/Windows/Android
  • Ideal for Online Education
  • Pen nibs start to wear off after some time


Check Latest Price

8. Wacom Bamboo Slate

Bamboo slate tablets are one of the best graphic tablets for beginners. Wacom bamboo slate will convert your handmade drawings into digital copiesWacom Bamboo Slate Best Drawing Tablet for Kids in an instant. All you need to do is press and button and sync your handwritten work onto the tablet.


it is available in A4 and A5 sizes, just like the size of paper. It comes with a pen that is made to fulfil your needs. The pen and the slate can predict all of the pen’s movement such that no detail is lost. It has an additional tagging feature that will enable you to find your drawing from hundreds of papers.


  • It is compatible with any paper.
  • Converts handmade drawings to digital files
  • Wacom bamboo ballpoint comes with the bamboo slate.
  • Assigning tags will make it easy to find the right drawing.
  • Adding text characteristics requires a subscription.


Check Latest Price


9. Flueston LCD Writing Tablet

The perfect idea for gifting your kids is flueston LCD writing tablet. It is suitable for every boy or girl with an age of fewer than seven years. It takesFlueston LCD Writing Tablet a Best Drawing Tablet for Kids your kid to the world of imagination while using it due to the high technology colorful screen. Let your child draw on the fantastic ideas that come to their minds.


High tech colorful screen is the most appealing feature to your kid about the tablet and It has a 9-inch bright screen. It has two batteries.

Three styles come with flueston LCD writing tablets.

A travel-friendly tablet is so small in size and light in weight. It is 200 g in weight and has incredibly extended battery life.

  • Replaceable battery
  • Use it regularly without charging.
  • Best for practising alphabets from toddling stage
  • No place to store a stylus with the tablet


Check Latest Price

Buying Guide for the Best Drawing Tablet for Kids 2022

It’s important to choose the tablet that has the features you need. More sophisticated tablets are usually more expensive, so it’s a balancing game. Here are some key features you may want to look for:

Pressure sensitivity: 

Most graphics tablets will boast about how many thousands of levels of pressure sensitivity they offer. This is a big selling point for many artists who want to be able to create pressure-sensitive drawings.

What does pressure sensitivity mean? It’s all about how precisely the tablet and stylus can detect how hard you’re pressing against the surface, so it can accurately modify line thickness to match.

When it comes to professional tablets, pressure sensitivity is an absolute must. However, if you’re looking for a tablet for younger artists, this is less important.

If you’re buying a pressure-sensitive stylus for a teenager who’s serious about art, it’ll be a definite plus; otherwise, don’t worry too much about it.

Tilt sensitivity

A child using the drawing tablet is a beginner one among all. To make your child practice drawing the different lines onto the screen, be sure that he can distinguish among them. Tilt sensitivity is specifically required when drawing the strokes.


The quality of the stylus follows tilt sensitivity. The high-quality stylus does not demand a lot of hotkeys or various features. Instead, it should be capable enough to bear the pressure. You may never know how much harder your child would press it. Among the stylus that has various qualities try to pick those that best fit your child’s habits.


First of all, be conscious about what you want your child to get himself in. if you allow your child to browse through the internet then go for operating browser. You can also get many of the other apps to your child’s tablet. Keep your system software compatible with all those requirements.


Drawing tablets for beginners should be user-friendly both in terms of operation and interface. Features of the tablet should also match your child’s age. Your child should not get bored while using it.

For instance, adobe illustrator and photoshop have nothing to do with the tablets made for kids.


The drawing tablet for beginners should probably wireless. The hassle of adjusting the wires is so uncomfortable for the child to deal with. When the tablet has a screen, that means it is travel-friendly and can be carried anywhere.  Desktop computers are already there if your child has to deal with wires instead.

Damage Protection

Kids have no idea what the tablet is, initially. Choose the tablet with high-quality features. Those that are made up of plastic bodies are very much convenient for your child. Even if the kid handles the tab carelessly, you need not worry about that. Look for a highly protected screen that can resist scratches.

It is an expensive object that could not be changed now and then. Here is an option for you of purchasing the protective case that absorbs shock if fallen. It is at high risk of drooping again and again because after all, it is in your child’s possession.

Parental Control

Getting a sneak peek into what your child is viewing is essential. So, don’t miss out on that important feature. It has more harm than goods when misused. Be conscious of the content that is accessible to your child through the device. Get them a tablet with additional locking features that ensures parental control over the child’s device.

Pre-loaded Content

Many of the apps provide the apps that have already stored much of the content for your child. Look in for all the data of such apps for making sure that is appropriate. Kids-friendly games and apps are useful to install when they match your child’s mental models and age.

Some of the pre-loaded content will demand premium charges to pursue. Be conscious about that and look for the version whether it is in the trial or what.

Battery Life

when the tablet is in the child’s hand, its battery should not drop to zero by just drawing an apple or playing the game. It is hard for them to know about such ambiguity. The Best Drawing Tablet for Kids you choose must have a battery life of 8 hours minimum. Know that the battery will be reduced more frequently when the tablet has many of the advanced features and apps installed on it.

Screen Size and Weight

Considering the screen size and weight directly relates to the fact that your child won’t drop it. Try to purchase the tablet less than 10 inches in size. It is even difficult for the child to lift it with even his both hands. The weight is also considered in the same manner.

For toddlers, the tablet size that is ranging from 7 inches can be a good fit. Price also depends on the size of the tablets. So, be very wise in choosing the one. Expensive tablets for the kids are not a good idea to purchase. There is a chance of them, wearing and tearing the tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which tablet is best for kids?

  • Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  • XP-PEN Deco Pro Small Digital
  • Huion Inspiroy H1060P with Passive Pen

2. Is there a drawing tablet that doesn’t need a computer?

Best for (somewhat) unlimited budgets: Wacom MobileStudioPro 13″ For a drawing tablet that doesn’t require a computer,
it simply doesn’t get any better than the Wacom MobileStudioPro 13”. Yeah, it’s expensive. And it’s also a little bit bulkier than an iPad.

3. Is Wacom or Huion better?

Whilst Huion provides excellent value for money and in many ways perform just as well as Wacom products, Wacom outperforms them when it comes to the build quality,
stylus, and manufacturing support. And for those that can afford it, Wacom wins every time

Are Tablets bad for children’s eyes?

Children hold iPads and tablets close to their eyes to focus on video games and images. This causes vision problems which in turn leads to serious eye conditions.

Final Verdict

It is hard to decide on the appropriate drawing tablets for kids. There are so many options out there present all over the internet. However, the above top picks and the mentioned buyer guide will help you a lot while deciding. Parents are so concerned about their child’s access to such devices at an early age and how to deal with them.

Using tablet screens and digitizing the handwork of the children is the new trend these days. The tablet’s quality is going to have a profound impact on your child’s learning about various details of drawings. Once, learned it is difficult for them to unlearn.

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    Вы всегда должны быть осторожны с разрешениями, которые предоставляете приложению. Например, такое популярное приложение, как Facebook, попросит получить доступ к вашим контактам, но для его базовой работы это не требуется. Как только вы предоставите доступ к своей информации, приложение сможет делать с этими данными все, что пожелает, в том числе загружать их на чей-то частный сервер и хранить там вечно. Это может считаться нарушением соглашения Apple с разработчиком и App Store, но технически приложения вполне могут это сделать.
    ?? хотя беспокоиться об атаках злоумышленников на ваше устройство – это нормально, вы, вероятно, больше рискуете при передаче своей личной информации «безопасному» приложению, которое просто вежливо попросит дать доступ. Регулярно просматривайте разрешения для ваших iOS приложений по пути Настройки ? Конфиденциальность и дважды подумайте, прежде чем соглашаться с просьбами программы дать ей куда-то доступ.
    Безопасность Apple ID и iCloud.
    Ваш Apple ID (который является и вашей учетной записью в iCloud), вероятно, более восприимчив к внешним угрозам, чем ваш iPhone. Как и с любой другой учетной записью, многие третьи лица могут заполучить ваши учетные данные.
    Возможно, в вашем Apple ID уже включена двухфакторная аутентификация (2FA). Тем не менее, вам стоит убедиться в этом, перейдя в Настройки ? [Ваше имя] ? Пароль и безопасность на вашем iPhone.
    Нажмите « Включить двухфакторную аутентификацию », чтобы настроить ее, если она еще не включена.
    В будущем, когда вы будете входить в свою учетную запись Apple ID или iCloud, вам необходимо будет ввести код, отправленный на ваше устройство или в SMS по номеру телефона. Это предотвращает вход в вашу учетную запись, даже если злоумышленник и знает ваш пароль .
    Однако даже двухфакторная аутентификация подвержена атакам социальной инженерии. С ее помощью можно осуществить перенос номера телефона с одной SIM-карты на другую. Это передаст потенциальному «хакеру» последний кусок головоломки всей вашей онлайн-жизни, если он уже знает ваш главный пароль электронной почты.
    Мы не хотим напугать вас или сделать параноиком. Тем не менее, это показывает, как что-либо может быть взломано, если уделить этому достаточно времени и изобретательности. Вы не должны чрезмерно беспокоиться о попытках взлома вашего устройства, но всегда помните о рисках и сохраняйте минимальную бдительность.
    Кроме того, если ваш iPhone располагает данными, к которым проявляют интерес третьи лица (и это может вам навредить), активируйте функцию стирания данных, которая автоматически полностью сотрет все данные с iPhone после десяти неправильных вводов кода-пароля. Вероятно, лучше потерять все, чем позволить важной информации попасть в руки совсем уж недружественных персонажей.
    Для активации функции Стирание данных на iPhone, откройте приложение Настройки и перейдите в раздел «Face ID и код-пароль» или «Touch ID и код-пароль» в зависимости от используемого устройства. Введите код-пароль.
    Установите переключатель Стирание данных в положение Включено .
    Что насчет «шпионского» программного обеспечения iPhone?
    Один из распространенных инструментов, которые способствуют взлому iPhone, это так называемое «шпионское» программное обеспечение. Такие приложения базируются на основе людской паранойи и страха. Пользователям предлагается установить на свои устройства программное обеспечение для слежки. Приложениями интересуются родители и подозрительные супруги, желая отслеживать чужую активность на iPhone.
    Такие приложения не могут работать на стандартной версии iOS, поэтому они требуют взлома устройства (джейлбрейк). Это открывает iPhone для дальнейших манипуляций, что повлечет за собой проблемы с безопасностью и потенциально с совместимостью приложений – некоторые программы отказываются работать на взломанных устройствах.
    После взлома устройства и установки сервисов мониторинга люди могут следить за отдельными устройствами через веб-панель. Это позволит злоумышленнику видеть каждое отправленное текстовое сообщение, информацию обо всех сделанных и полученных вызовах и даже посмотреть новые снятые камерой фотографии или видео.
    Такие приложения не будут работать на последних iPhone и на некоторых устройствах с iOS 14, для которых доступен только привязанный джейлбрейк (исчезает после перезагрузки смартфона). Все дело в том, что Apple сильно усложняет джейлбрейк своих последних устройств, поэтому для них с установленной iOS 14 угрозы невелики.
    Однако так будет не всегда. С каждым крупным обновлением джейлбрейка производители такого ПО снова начинают маркетинговые акции. А ведь шпионить за любимым человеком мало того, что сомнительно с этической точки зрения, так еще и незаконно. Взлом же чужого устройства также подвергает его риску воздействия вредоносного ПО. Это также аннулирует любую гарантию, которая у устройства может присутствовать.
    Влом iPhone специальным устройством через USB-кабель.
    Для защиты iPhone от используемых спецслужбами хакерских техник, а также специальных аппаратных устройств, подключаемых к смартфону посредством кабеля, необходимо активировать в iOS «Режим ограниченного доступа USB».
    «Режим ограниченного доступа USB» отключает зарядку и передачу данных через Lightning-порт, если со времени последней разблокировки iPhone или iPad прошло больше часа. То есть, даже заполучив устройство, злоумышленник не сможет изъять из него данные через USB-кабель, если с момента его последней разблокировки прошло более 60 минут.
    Для того чтобы включить «Режим ограниченного доступа USB» , откройте приложение Настройки и перейдите в раздел «Face ID и код-пароль» или «Touch ID и код-пароль» в зависимости от используемого устройства. Введите код-пароль.
    Установите переключатель USB-аксессуары в положение Выключено .
    Wi-Fi все еще может быть уязвимым.
    Независимо от того, какое устройство вы используете, незащищенные беспроводные сети по-прежнему представляют собой одну из самых серьезных угроз безопасности мобильных устройств. Хакеры могут использовать (и делают это) атаки типа «человек посередине» для создания поддельных незащищенных беспроводных сетей и захвата трафика.
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